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Housing Security Deposit

Security Deposit

We require a security deposit to be submitted with every application in order to start your housing assignment process. This deposit is for cleaning, any damage incurred, and keys. Refunds will be mailed at the end of the year after the rooms are inspected by supervisors and checkout sheets are returned to the Business Office. If you plan to continue living in the residence halls the following year, the deposit will be held over. If you decide to not attend MCC or return after a semester, please refer to the Cancellation Policy for rules regarding security deposit refunds.

Security Deposit Fee

The security deposit fee is $150.00 until June 1st for the fall semester and November 30th for the spring semester. A non-refundable late fee of an extra $50 will be charged for those applications received after June 1st or November 30th for a total of $200.00.

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