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Residence Hall Life

Residence hall living provides unique opportunities for personal growth as well as many small group experiences that compliment and support the mission of the college. Research demonstrates that living in residency has a significant impact on a student’s college experience. In comparison to their commuting classmates, resident students on average are more satisfied with college life, less likely to drop out, more likely to participate in student and recreational activities, and have more interaction with other students, faculty and staff. Because of the role residential living plays in the success of the undergraduate experience, all students who are enrolled in six or more credit hours are required to live in the residence halls. The only exceptions to this rule apply to students who are married, 21 years old, have been in college for two years, or have parents who reside within the city (in this case, you must live in your parent’s house). These students must notify the Student Development Office of their intentions at the end of the semester preceding their move out of the residence hall. Members of the opposite sex are not permitted to live together. Marriage and living with an immediate family member are the only exceptions. Freshman and Sophomore full-time students have first priority in residence hall housing. Juniors, Seniors, and part-time students will be permitted only when space allows. (The student must take at least six hours per semester at MCC to live in the residence halls and adhere to all MCC policies).

Residence Hall Staff

Kenoyer Hall Residence Hall Supervisor: Allie and Ben Hammack
Johnson Hall Residence Hall Supervisor: Steve and Julie Pearson

Residence Hall Supervisors work to encourage residents in their Christian growth as well as to maintain the best possible conditions for living and study. They plan weekly devotions and social activities and oversee discipline within the residence hall as well as provide many other services and programs. The residence hall supervisors are available to the students to assist them in problems associated with college transitions as well as personal issues. These supervisors report directly to the Vice President of Student Life and/or the Director of Student Development.  The Resident Assistants (RAs) are upperclassmen who have applied and been selected to serve in this leadership role.  They work with the residence hall supervisors in the management and implementation of the residence hall life program and are also available to the residents for assistance in college transition and personal issues.

Meningitis Policy

Following the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MCC requires all new students residing in campus housing to be vaccinated for meningitis or to sign a waiver indicating that you refuse to take the vaccine. You must have a medical provider complete your record or sign the waiver that is attached to the Residence Hall Application. Residence Hall Applications will not be processed until this information is received with your application and security deposit.

Johnson Hall 
Johnson Hall Floorplan






Kenoyer Hall

Kenyor Hall Floorplan