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Technology & IT Support

On-Campus Technology

Manhattan Christian College provides students, staff, and guests with a wireless campus. Students can work on assignments and access the Internet and e-mail from the residence halls, classroom buildings, Campus Center, and Library.

All users of MCC’s wireless networks agree to abide by MCC’s Technology Use Guidelines.

Because this technology is available, MCC strongly recommends students have a wireless enabled laptop when coming to school. A minimum, a desktop computer is essential for all college students, and wireless technology is also available for students with desktops, but to experience all the features of a wireless campus, a laptop is generally preferred. All MCC physical and online services are designed to work with PC, Apple, and Linux systems.

MCC also recommends the following minimum software packages for students:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or higher
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (or higher) or 365


  • Max OS X 10.15.x or higher
  • Office for Mac 365


  • Fully updated Chrome OS
  • Web apps for Microsoft Office

College students may purchase software and hardware at educational prices at many online vendors as well as several local vendors including Walmart, Staples, and Best Buy.

MCC does require that all students have an MCC e-mail account. These accounts are assigned upon enrollment. New on-campus students receive their account information in their student mailboxes. LEAD students will get their account information from the program director. Online students receive account information by alternate (non-MCC) e-mail.

IT Support

MCC provides free on-campus diagnostics and basic virus/spyware removal services for enrolled students and staff. Any parts required for computer service will need to be provided by the individual (the IT staff will tell you what you need), but the IT staff will do all labor (install/replace) for free. Hardware service for smartphones and most tablets will have to be done by an outside vendor or your carrier.

If you have further questions, you can contact the IT Services office at: (785) 539-3571, or you can e-mail MCC Tech Support at:

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