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Woman’s World Conference

47th Annual Woman’s World Conference
February 23-24, 2024

Acts 2:42
“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

Manhattan Christian College started the Woman’s World Conference in 1978 to bring women together and help them grow in their Christian faith.  Held in the Kansas State University Student Union, the annual program includes practical seminars, a dynamic keynote speaker, buffet meals, times of worship, and other surprises all centered around a theme.

The 2024 theme, “Devoted” will focus on the importance of being committed to knowing God’s Word, to prayer, and to fellowship.  As believers, we all have Christ in common, and we are all being transformed by the same Spirit to be more like Christ.

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Keynote Speaker Ellie Lofaro

Ellie Lofaro, WW Speaker 2024

Respected Bible teacher, inspirational speaker, and humorist, Lofaro shares the love of Christ and his timeless truths across the globe. She is a published author of five books and hundreds of articles in which she challenges audiences to consider biblical principles with life’s deeper questions. Lofaro is a first generation American, a native New Yorker, and director of Heart Soul and Mind Ministries.   More information about Ellie and her ministries is available on her website:



Schedule of Events

All conference events are held at the Kansas State University Student Union in Manhattan, KS. Indicate your choice of Early Dining or Late Dining when registering.

Friday, February 23, 2024

2:00-5:00 p.m.                   Conference Check-In/Registration
Non-Perishable Food Donations Collected
(Benefitting Flint Hills Breadbasket)

4:00-5:00                              Opening Session—Kevin Ingram, MCC President (Ballroom) 

Laying the Foundation  Kevin Ingram – MCC President
The disciples were a great example of living a life of devotion. Their devotion laid the foundation for the future of the church and the spread of the Gospel to the remotest part of the earth.                                      

5:15-6:15                              Choice of Seminar or Early Dinner (6 topics offered)

Devoted to Truth
Angie Bates – Olathe, KS
God’s word is true, powerful and transformational …if we are willing to consume it. This workshop is designed to sharpen your spiritual sword and deepen your knowledge of scripture.  We will examine practical tools for studying God’s word and using it to overcome the spiritual battles of our day.   There is no darkness for those who learn to walk by the lamp of “It is written”.

From the Wilderness to Wholeness: A Journey of Loss, Revelation, and Divine Connection
Courtney Porter – Washington, KS
The story of Moses and forty years of wandering in the wilderness before reaching the promised land has life application for many. The death of Courtney’s mom led her through her own wilderness.  But, just like Moses, God moved her from religion to a growing relationship with him and she no longer feels lost.

Hospitality as a Lighthouse
Charlotte Herrera – Lamar, CO
It has been said that you are the only sermon that some will ever hear. God has placed all of us strategically so that we can make a difference for him and his light can shine through everything we say and do.  Come and explore practical ways your ordinary life in your home, at work, or in your relationships, can point people to Jesus.

How Did Jesus and the First Christians Read Their Bibles?
Jennifer Borgaila—Honey Creek, IA
Think: before the printing press, before the New Testament, what was referred to as “scripture” and how was it preserved among the people? We will discuss this and one unique literary feature of Hebrew writing to help us understand more about the Hebrew Bible and its importance to the first Christians and to us as Christians today. This session will be presented once in ASL and once in English.

How Mental Health and Christianity Intersect
Cory Richards – Manhattan, KS
Is it a mental health struggle or a spiritual struggle? The Bible illustrates the long-term confusion and suffering that can accompany mental health and how closely it is tied to the spiritual for both the person suffering and the people trying to help. Mental health is a multifaceted issue and we can utilize our faith in Christ amongst other resources for healing. 

Supporting Struggling Teens
Trisha Kvasnica (and friends)—Manhattan, KS
As a mom of five with three teen girls still at home, there seems to be an epidemic of challenges affecting our teenagers in recent years with no relief in sight. If your child or grandchild is struggling, you are not alone! Come find fellowship, support, prayer and teaching in the deep trenches of parenthood.

6:30-7:30                              Choice of Seminar or Late Dinner
(Repeated Seminar Titles from 5:15)

7:45-9:15                              Keynote Session—Ellie Lofaro (Ballroom)
                                             Worship Leader/Team—Laurin Hill, Lincoln Christian Church, Lincoln, IL
Communion Service

Saturday, February 24, 2024

8:30-9:30                              Choice of Seminar  (2-3 topics offered)
Self-Serve Coffee Available 7:30-9:30

A Deeper Dive into the Simple
Natalie Holdren – Manhattan, KS
One of the most interesting things about following Jesus is that he wants us to have a child-like faith AND wants us to grow deeper and more mature in our faith. Our theme verse talks about simple actions even children can do, teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer. But, what responsibility does a maturing Christian woman have for these actions? Take a deeper dive into understanding this verse and living it out.

Motion is Lotion!
Jimi Parker – Junction City, KS
This gentle movement seminar will wake up your muscles. Simple movement will get your blood flowing through stretching. Loosen up your legs and feet while exploring standing balance work.  Then, breathwork quiets your mind for times of stress and can help you prepare for meaningful times in the Word.

9:45-11:00                           Keynote Session— Ellie Lofaro (Ballroom)
                                            Worship Leader/Team—Laurin Hill, Lincoln Christian Church, Lincoln, IL

11:15-12:15                         Choice of Seminar or Early Lunch (7 topics offered)

God’s Sexy Plan
Jennifer Lochard – Lindsborg, KS
God designed us as sexual beings; sex was his design and plan.  Yet, Christians don’t talk about it very much even though the world bombards our eyes and our thoughts with sexual things every day. Come and explore what the Bible says and how we can have conversations with our children or grandchildren about this part of his perfect plan.

His Light Shines Through | Seeing God’s Provision in the Darkest Times
Amber Hutfles – Hiawatha, KS
We all experience pain, suffering, and conflict on this earth. All of us. Living in this broken world and facing heart-wrenching trials like these can often leave us questioning, confused or with little hope. Join this session to see His faithful light powerfully shine through in dark times. Amber will share her testimony as a victim of a hit-and-run accident, and help women see Jesus’ light *and love* radiate in their lives.

Living the Gospel Up Close: Fostering in the Broken Places
Julie Ehler – Manhattan, KS
Be encouraged and consider ways you can support children and families who have experienced foster care or adoption. A thread in Julie’s life has been connecting to kids and supporting foster and adoptive parents. After working for the KS Dept of Education, serving as a volunteer mentor to teens, being licensed as a foster home, and adopting siblings, she understands sharing the gospel in brokenness.

More Than Skin Deep
Lisa Ingram – Manhattan, KS
The best makeup is a smile. The best jewelry is modesty. The best clothing is confidence!
Where does inner beauty come from? And how can we help each other find their inner beauty?

Pursuing An Intimate Relationship with Our Father
Karen Mayse – Gardner, KS  
Let’s embark on a faith journey to discover how our loving Father wants to bolster our souls, renew our minds and strengthen our resolve through the simple, yet complex act of prayer. Come discover prayer during all the seasons of life: seasons of joy, seasons of boredom, seasons of challenge, seasons of repentance, seasons of doubt and seasons of desperation

Hosting, Walking, Trusting
Linda Roberts, Junction City, KS
Passionate about helping people love Scripture, Linda will share her story and explain how she uses her home to support and encourage her family as well as the extended family of God. We can rely on God and trust his word to not only direct our path, but to give us the desires of our heart.

Your People, My People: Understanding our Relationship to Biblical and Modern Israel
Tonya Avery, Oklahoma City, OK
With the recent events in the Land of Israel and the rise of antisemitism, many in the church are wondering why these things are happening and what our response should be. In this session, we as spiritual daughters of Abraham, grafted into the Israel of God, will explore God’s amazing plan for Spiritual, Biblical and Modern Israel and learn how we can honor God with our responses to each.

12:30-1:30                           Choice of Seminar or Late Lunch
(Repeated Titles from 11:15)

1:45-3:00                              Keynote Session— Ellie Lofaro (Ballroom)
                                             Worship Leader/Team—Laurin Hill, Lincoln Christian Church, Lincoln, IL
Scholarship Offering

It’s Easy to Make a Gift Today to the Scholarship Offering:  Click Here 


Hotel Options:  All conferees are responsible for making their lodging arrangements.  Blocks of rooms have been reserved at the hotels listed below.  To reserve a room:

  • Call the hotel of your choice.
    • Identify yourself as a participant of MCC Woman’s World
    • Guarantee the room with a credit card as requested.
    • Deadline for making a reservation is January 23, 2024.
    • All rooms are quoted at a flat rate for up to four people in a room.
    • Rooms will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis as they are cleaned and made available.

Bluemont Hotel, $149 + tax
1212 Bluemont Avenue, (785) 473-7091
Breakfast Buffet, Indoor Pool, Hot Tub

Fairfield by Marriott, $119 + tax
300 Colorado St, (785) 539-2400
Hot Breakfast Buffet, Indoor Pool and Hot Tub

Holiday Inn at the Campus, $119 + tax
1641 Anderson Ave, (785) 539-7531
Across the street from the Kansas State University Union
Hot Breakfast Bar, Free Conference Parking

Parkwood Inn and Suites, $109 + tax
505 S. 17th Street, (785) 320-5440
Hot Breakfast Bar, Memory Foam Beds

Scholarship Offering

A free will offering, collected during the final keynote session Saturday is an integral part of the Woman’s World tradition.  Since 1984, this offering has been awarded the following year as scholarships to deserving female students for their next academic year.  These awards can only be used at Manhattan Christian College for educational purposes.

Your contribution supports higher Christian education and directly impacts the future of the church as well as the future ministries of the leaders being trained at MCC.  Thank you for your consideration.


What to Bring:  Comfortable clothes, Bible, note pad, open heart, spirit of fun and laughter, and a desire to worship and grow in Christ.

Special Services:  Interpreters for the deaf will be available upon request prior to the conference.

No provision has been made for child care at the conference.