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Woman’s World Conference

46th Annual Woman’s World Conference
February 24-25, 2023

Unshakeable: Standing on His Promises
“Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.”  –1 John 4:4

This conference will help women of all ages understand that it doesn’t matter what happens politically, morally, socially, or economically in the world if we have Christ in us. God will never leave us and we can be confident that Jesus is the rock to build our lives on. It will be a fun and inspirational break from the winter months for all ages.  Woman’s World has been a ministry of Manhattan Christian College since 1978.

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Mary Shannon picture

Keynote Speaker
Mary Shannon

Bible Study Teacher
Peoria, AZ

Mary Shannon is a powerful Bible teacher and author, whose great love for Jesus and for Scripture inspires her audience to “get their face in the Book!”  She teaches a Bible study three times every week to hundreds for the mega-church Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ.  You can catch one of her teachings on the Mary Shannon Ministries YouTube channel or listen to a podcast.

Schedule of Events

All conference events are held at the Kansas State University Student Union in Manhattan, KS. Indicate your choice of Early Dining (Group B) or Late Dining (Group A) when registering.

Friday, February 24, 2023

2:30-5:00 p.m.                     Conference Check-In/Registration

4:00-5:00                              Opening Session—Kevin Ingram, MCC President

5:15-6:15                              Choice of Seminar Group A (6 options)
                                              Early Dinner Group B

Building Relationships with the Next Generation—Hannah Brown
This practical seminar will help you know how to build quality relationships with the young people in your life.  As a parent, school teacher, and youth group sponsor, Hannah will share insights and strategies that she uses to pass the baton of faith thereby enlarging the Kingdom of God.

His Precious and Very Great Promises—Alisha Paddock
2 Peter 1:3-4 says that God’s divine power has granted us all things including his precious and very great promises.  But what promises is Peter referring to?  As we embark on this year’s theme of Unshakeable: Standing on His Promises, this session will explore the Bible’s concept of promises.

Holding Our Eternal Perspective—Trish Runion
Between headlines and heartaches, we can see the world is dark and divisive.  Christ calls us to be light and loving. Come walk with me through the story of the widow mother of Nain (Luke 7:11-17) to see how Jesus engages with this woman and the crowds surrounding them to give us an example of unshakeable hope.

The Unshakeable Power of Prayer—Linda Mealiff
Scripture-based, One Accord prayer releases God’s power to work! Moms in Prayer International equips women to claim God’s promises in prayer for our children and schools – and all of life’s challenges.

When Everyone Else Is Wrong—Nikki Medaris
If you buy into the title, this workshop is definitely for you. If you are amused by the satire, then you will certainly walk away with tools for interacting with people who think differently than you. Family, friends, and strangers voice their polarized views more than ever before. How do believers love in a world where injustice, oppression, and just plain hate are rampant?

Who is My Shepherd? –Erin Miller
Who is my Shepherd? Does He have sufficient credentials to be my Shepherd, my Owner? And if He does, how do I come under His control and become the object of His diligent care? How does this change things in my life? Come join Erin for a time of Bible journaling and study on who is the Good Shepherd. All craft supplies will be provided, just bring an open heart and a willingness to be creative!

6:30-7:30                              Choice of Seminar (Repeated Titles from 5:15) Group B
                                              Late Dinner Group A

7:45-9:00                              Keynote Session—Mary Shannon

Saturday, February 25, 2023

8:30-9:30                              Morning Bible Study Unshakeable Hope—Angie Bates
Hope is the unifying factor of the saints of all generations.  But what does hope truly look like and how do we align our lives according to God’s word to participate in the glorious hope we are promised as children of God and bright lights in this dark age?

Morning Stretch–Rae Mayer and Susan Brabec
Start your morning by spending this hour improving your flexibility and range of motion through gentle stretching and relaxation.  Come receive instruction for all major muscle groups.  Proper breathing cues and techniques will be emphasized to assist in efficient stretching.

9:45-11:00                            Keynote Session—Mary Shannon

11:15-12:15                         Choice of Seminar Group A (6 options)
                                             Early Lunch Group B

A Deeper Discipleship—Teri Gasser
Do you find your devotions dry? Do many of your relationships feel shallow? Do you feel left out in social circles? Discover from Jesus’ scandalous encounter with a social outcast what’s missing in your life as you seek more satisfying relationships with Jesus and others.

Courageous Peace During Conflict —Lori Bunyar
Conflict is a part of life, however conflict handled well leads to trust and humility.  Peace is a gift from Jesus. As Christian women we desire to operate in an attitude of respect for others. Come learn the 4 P’s of engaging conflict, conflict personalities and being a peacemaker.  Romans 12:18 – “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

Created for the Extraordinary –Kristine Kimmi
Do you struggle with worry and doubt? Are fear and anxiety stealing your destiny? Discover how to trade a life lived in your power for a life energized by God’s power, recognize his voice and move to action, pray bold prayers and take risks for God, and live the extraordinary life he has designed for you. Are you ready to begin the adventure?

Mother/Daughter: Friend or Foe? —Lisa Ingram, Lauren Evans
What does a healthy mother/daughter relationship look like? Does your ebb & flow with life’s circumstances?  When does that relationship change from mother/daughter to friends? What happens when you don’t get along?  Come join us as we try to help you navigate that special bond between mothers and daughters.

While You Age—Eva Maxwell
Aging. We all do it. Death is the only thing that will stop it. We may do it at a different pace, but still it comes creeping in. Slithering like a snake to steal our youth; to diminish the life that God created us to have. Age not only changes our physical bodies, it attacks us mentally, emotionally, materially and spiritually. We will take a close look at Ecclesiastes 12 and discover keys to help us do the process well.

Why Worry?—Juliet Bullock
Whether it is a doctor’s diagnosis or stress at work that is causing anxiety, concern, or fear— your mind can be stuck in a loop of anxious thoughts.  But, the Bible tells us to be calm, that God is with us, and he will give us the strength we need.  Come hear Juliet’s personal experience of overcoming worry with faith.

12:30-1:30                            Choice of Seminar (Repeated Titles from 11:15) Group B
                                              Late Lunch Group A

1:45-3:00                              Keynote Session—Mary Shannon

It’s Easy to Make a Gift Today to the Scholarship Offering:  Click Here 


Hotel Options:  All conferees are responsible for making their lodging arrangements.  Blocks of rooms have been reserved at the hotels listed below.  To reserve a room:

  • Call the hotel of your choice.
    • Identify yourself as a participant of MCC Woman’s World
    • Guarantee the room with a credit card as requested.
    • Deadline for making a reservation is January 26, 2023.
    • All rooms are quoted at a flat rate for up to four people in a room.
    • Rooms will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis as they are cleaned and made available.

Bluemont Hotel, $139 + tax
1212 Bluemont Avenue, (785) 473-7091
Breakfast Buffet, Indoor Pool, Hot Tub

Fairfield by Marriott, $119 + tax
300 Colorado St, (785) 539-2400
Hot Breakfast Buffet, Indoor Pool and Hot Tub

Holiday Inn at the Campus, $115 + tax
1641 Anderson Ave, (785) 539-7531
Across the street from the Kansas State University Union
Hot Breakfast Bar, Free Conference Parking

Parkwood Inn and Suites, $99 + tax
505 S. 17th Street, (785) 320-5440
Hot Breakfast Bar, Memory Foam Beds

Scholarship Offering

A free will offering, collected during the final keynote session Saturday is an integral part of the Woman’s World tradition.  Since 1984, this offering has been awarded the following year as scholarships to deserving female students for their next academic year.  These awards can only be used at Manhattan Christian College for educational purposes.

Your contribution supports higher Christian education and directly impacts the future of the church as well as the future ministries of the leaders being trained at MCC.  Thank you for your consideration.


What to Bring:  Comfortable clothes, Bible, note pad, open heart, spirit of fun and laughter, and a desire to worship and grow in Christ.

Special Services:  Interpreters for the deaf will be available upon request prior to the conference.

No provision has been made for child care at the conference.