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Our Philosophy of Education

We believe in the role that the Christian college can accomplish within students preparing to serve the Lord. The guiding perspective behind the Manhattan Christian College educational practice is the belief that God has created, redeems, and is recreating all things. We believe that college education can facilitate transformational change for students and subsequently for those whom students influence in the present and the future. That transformational change is comprised of theological, ethical, social, and professional education regardless of a student’s chosen profession.

Since we believe that education occurs both within the classroom and outside of it, we are committed to an educational approach that acknowledges formal and informal learning environments.

Our commitment to this transformational change at Manhattan Christian College is founded on four

  • Learning Environment – We are all students and teachers engaged in lifelong learning and a spirit of inquiry characterized by self-awareness, dialogue, and relational connectedness. The learning environment is characterized by mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual helpfulness, freedom of expression, and acceptance of difference. The learning environment is collaborative and co-creative. Faculty and students co-create the space within which material is presented, discussed, and applied. A goal is to create a supportive space within which communication and learning may occur.
  • Active Learning – The student’s active involvement in the learning process is essential to good practice. Faculty serve not only as teachers but also as facilitators of learning. They manage the learning process by engaging students in a variety of activities leading to an understanding of course content along with development of academic and professional competence.
  • Collaboration – Students benefit from opportunities to network, learn from others, and share resources and ideas. The learning community provides a space for collaboration and connection.
  • Emphasis on Application and Relevance – The best learning occurs when bridges are built between new knowledge and the learner’s experience. Education is not complete until acquisition of knowledge matures into relevant application.


Our Core Values

Our Statement of Faith