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Admissions Team

Allie Hammack - Admissions Counselor

Allie Hammack
Director of Admissions

Allie Hammack – Director of Admissions

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Florida State University, 2015
Master of Social Work (MSW), Florida State University, 2016

MCC Start Date: April 2020

What I like about MCC: I was introduced to MCC through my husband who attended school and played basketball here. Though I did not attend MCC myself, I was eagerly adopted into the family atmosphere! Between friends from Ben’s MCC days to the current staff, I’ve been so encouraged in my faith and affirmed that God has called us here. Coming from FSU, the uniqueness of having a Bible College across the street from a Division One university is incredible. I look forward to watching God use MCC students to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of their chosen profession!

About Me: I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia and my family lived many different places growing up because my mom was a travel nurse. We landed in Florida when I was in middle school, and then I stayed through college (Go Noles!). I moved back to my hometown after college for work, and there I met my husband, Ben. We love our son Theo, our dalmatian mix, good coffee, watching sports, and serving in our local church.


Kaleb Hansen – Admissions Counselor

Kaleb Hansen - Admissions Counselor

Kaleb Hansen
Admissions Counselor

B.S. Youth Ministry, Manhattan Christian College

MCC Start Date: September 2022

What I like about MCC: I just graduated back in May and one of my favorite things was the relationships that I was able to make through MCC. I have made my life long friends through my time in the dorms which have led to a lot of memories with those guys. I also really appreciated the time and the effort that the professors took to invest in me when I was a student.

About Me: I was a military child so I was born in Louisiana, lived in Germany, Virginia, then here in Kansas. My parents and 2 younger siblings live in Junction City, so not too far away. I love hunting and spending time outside. The Cowboys are my team which has led to a lot of sad NFL seasons but that’s okay, we will get there. Huge coffee fan as well, but I only drink it black unless its pumpkin spice. I volunteer at a youth group in JC right now and I love spending time with my students and going to camps and events during the summer.



Nate Kolars – Admissions Counselor

Nate Kolars - Admissions Counselor

Nate Kolars
Admissions Counselor


MCC Start Date: August 2022

What I like about MCC:I love the atmosphere here at MCC. From the student body to my co-workers, we all work hard to create a family oriented environment. MCC makes it easy to be involved regardless of where you stand as a person. I am honored to witness an organized group of people who live out our mission statement and pursue the bride of Christ with a sense of urgency!

About Me:

I was born in Illinois and lived there until I was nine years old. From there I spent most of my life in Missouri, yet… I’m still not a Chiefs fan! Missouri served as home for years as I was introduced to the state through foster care. God used many roofs and tables to provide for me as most people said I was a lost cause. Multiple families invested in a kid that schools and organizations turned away. It took many mom’s and dad’s to teach me how love should look in a family setting. How to treat others, my family, and myself. While this journey took most of my teen years, it later paid off as God provided an opportunity for me to serve children who had the same past as me. Children who grew up with the world stacked against them. It was during this season where God opened my eyes to my past. You see, most Foster kids will ask this question at some point in their life, “why me?” Why can’t I have a mom and dad? Why did I grow up in the foster system? Why can’t I have those things? While I have spent most my life asking why, God answered that question as I sat with a child named Thomas on the front porch of Camp David of the Ozarks. The question was never, “why?” But, “who and when?” You see perspective is powerful! While I could continue the rest of my life hating my parents for disowning me, for all the hurts and pains from my childhood, God showed me that as a result of being born in a sinful relm, sin is inevitable until his second coming, yet he was with me through all my darkest times! Not only that, he had been preparing me to serve the fatherless since I was born into this world! Through the faithfulness of so many parents and myself in later years, God has taken a broken soul and made him new! I am made new! I spent two years serving children of broken families in Missouri. While I thought Camp David was my forever home and ministry, Opportunity opened up here in Manhattan to serve a new demographic, College students! The best part is the demographic that God has prepared me for my whole life is everywhere! The harvest is plentiful brother and sisters!




Halley Thompson – Administrative Assistant for Admissions 

Halley Thompson - Administrative Assistant for Admissions

Halley Thompson
Administrative Assistant for Admissions

MCC Start Date: July 2021

What I like about MCC: Manhattan Christian College staff, students and faculty truly care about everyone who takes the time to visit campus. You’re welcomed by kind faces and people who want to foster a relationship with you. There is a personalized touch that you feel when you interact with staff, students and faculty and it makes you feel heard and important. Since my first day here I’ve felt all these things and truly feel like I’ve been welcomed into the MCC family!

About Me: I was born in Emporia, Kansas but my family moved to Great Falls, Montana when I was two years old, so I call Montana home. I moved to Manhattan in January 2020 and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the town and the people in it. I love spending time with family, when we’re able to visit one another and spending quality time with friends as well as exploring the outdoors. I genuinely enjoy music and getting lost in a good book and have a weakness for pizza and chocolate! I serve at my local church and co- lead a life group and it’s amazing seeing God’s hand on all things in my life!