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Student Printing

Manhattan Christian College utilizes the Papercut MF system to allow students to use their ID card to print, copy, and scan documents related to classroom work or on-campus employment.

General Use

Printing, copying, and scanning functions are accessible once you scan your card on the platform on the right side of the machine. Set your card on the decal (looks like a hard holding a card) and listen for the “beep”; the system will then log you in. You will then be presented with three options:

Print Release — for releasing your print jobs and changing print settings (like if you printed something in color, but wanted to make sure it printed in B&W to save cost)

Device Functions – this is where you access the “copy” functions, you can also scan from here

Scan – this is where you access the primary scan functions, scan to email and scan to Google Drive. They are linked directly to your MCC email address and Drive account. The first time you scan to Google Drive you will receive an email confirmation asking for permission to allow Papercut to save to your Google Drive.

Make sure you log-out of the printer when you are done using it. If you are on the home screen or in the print functions, there is a half-box with an arrow in the upper-right of the screen; if you are in the scan or copy screens press the “Access” button on the right side of the console.

Email to Print

We have activated the “email to print” feature for student use. This is a quick an easy way to send your print job to the MCC print system. It does not, however, support advanced print functions (like staples, hole punch, etc), but additional copies can be selected in the print release screen before printing the job.

To send print jobs to the available student printers: from your MCC Email account, send your print job as an attachment* to

You do not need to include any text or subject for the email message.

Supported attachments: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, Picture Files

Available printers: Library, Campus Center, Activity Center, Faculty Office, Academics Office, Mailroom (all machines supprt color printing)

*this will require that to print something like a webpage, or from a Google Doc/Sheet, you will first have to save it as a PDF (choose the “print to PDF” option in your browser) to then attach it to the email


All prices are per printed/copied page; two sided counts as two printed/copied pages.

Color: $.10/page (ten cents)

B&W: $.05/page (five cents)

New students start the semester with $5 available to print as part of your Technology Fee, and returning students have their balance from last semester plus $5 (balances do roll over semester to semester). If you need to add money to your account you have two options. The easiest way is to pay online at the online payment portal through Acceptiva. The online payment portal accepts all debit/credit cards as well as eChecks. If you need to pay with cash, you must visit Ben Grogg in the Campus Center to have that added to your account.

Scanning is zero-cost.