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Interim Pastor

Interim Pastor would be available for a full or part-time position to preach and teach the Word of God. The Pastor would preside at worship service and  administer the service according to the practice of the Muscotah United Church, including communion service once a month. Pastor would also be expected to provide pastoral care to members of the congregation according to their needs, such as visits to shut-ins or hospitals, officiating at weddings, baptisms, and funerals, etc. as well as upholding the members in prayer. Additional requirements would be providing general support of the ministries and activities of the Muscotah United Church and attending monthly board meetings to assist in evaluating the interim ministry position as well as at the conclusion of the transition period.  Pastor would agree not to be involved in the congregation’s hiring process of the full-time pastor, except when such participation is requested. Salary position is negotiable based on agreed upon full or part-time schedule. Parsonage housing available for full-time interim position.

Physical Address:
Muscotah United Church
302 Kansas Ave.  Muscotah, Ks. 66058
Amy Fassnacht


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