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Student Minister

Lawrenceburg, KY
Fox Creek Christian Church, a congregation of the independent nondenominational Christian Church. It is a New Testament Church built upon the foundation of God’s Word as its sole authority and guide, with Solid biblical/theological convictions, which are aligned with Restoration Movement doctrines.
FCCC shall have no creed or articles of faith outside of scripture. We exist to Love God, Love People and Change the World.
FCCC will accomplish this by following Jesus’ example; we will Go and share the good news of our Savior with our community and world.
The purpose of FCCC is First to evangelism, the leading of others to a committed relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Second FCCC desires to edify Christians through education of the scripture, promoting fellowship and empowering to serve using God given talents.
Third FCCC will minister to those in need. Fourth FCCC will strive to be the conscience of the community by speaking out for biblical truth in a secular society.

Principal Function
The Student Ministry at Fox Creek CC is a place where not only do students learn the Word, they learn how to apply the Word and become build Kingdom Builders. There is a sense of community, belonging and family that is woven into the fabric of this ministry. This is a ministry designed to be a place where students can feel comfortable and excited to bring their friends and create a ministry of their own.

The Vision:
To guide students to a relationship with Jesus that is their own, not the parents, not the Student Ministers or anyone else. As well as prepare them to be Kingdom Leaders after High School.

The Mission:
We believe our task is to help student move along a path to Christian maturity, from “Just showing up,” to “Getting plugged in,” to “Digging Deeper,” to being “All In”, and then to “Lead” others down the same path.”

Most everything done in the Student Ministry here at Fox Creek CC is with a purpose and done, planned or organized intentionally.

The Student Minister is under the direct supervision of both the Lead Minister and Elders (depending on the issue). As well as, works along side the Elders, Lead Minister, and Children’s Minister to make sure that all ministerial needs are being met and the vision of the Church is presented effectively. The Student Minister will oversee all elements of our student ministries, including but not limited to…

  • planning student ministry experiences
  • Wednesday and Sunday night Youth meetings.
  • teaching in large and/or small group settings (Varies depending on programming and place)
  • planning and executing retreats, camps and mission trips and other outings. (CIY, Camp, Believe, random time of going out to eat.)
  • recruiting and developing adult group leaders
  • connecting with students (ball games, choir concerts, FCA, golf, softball, home visits, etc…)
  • connecting with parents (This is done in a variety of ways, sitting with at ball games, going out to eat, etc…)
  • keeping social media portals active to continually engage students and families (facebook, Instagram, twitter)
  • discipling students, especially looking for ways to engage our students in service
  • Teaching and leading them to look outside of themselves and to love on somebody for Jesus.
  • overseeing ministry teams within the student ministry (organizing Team Rosters, point sheets, and discussion questions.)
  • working within the student ministry budget
  • developing and overseeing policies and procedures for an effective student ministry
  • providing counseling to students and their families
  • working in the schools through FCA (football, baseball, wrestling teams and the cheerleading team.)
  • Teaching and/or leading worship during FCA Club time or Friday Morning Devotions
  • Maintain Life Center
  • Keep The Youth Page of the church website up to date
  • other duties as assigned Having ability to lead worship would be an additional asset but not required.

General Expectations:

  • Spends time in personal prayer and the study of God’s word on a daily basis
  • Committed to a biblical understanding of Christian faith and adhere to our statement of purpose as a non-denominational Christian church, as published in the Bylaws and other supporting documents.
  • Practices financial tithing in reference to Fox Creek CC and its ministries
  • Attends and supports weekly worship services and special services
  • Stays current with fields related to your Ministry through various resources and connections
  • Maintain office hours during the week. Coordinate day off with staff.
  • Regularly work from the church office from 9am – 5pm.
  • Visitation- both pastoral and evangelistic.
  • Hospital visitation
  • Counseling
  • Help fill in with absences and vacations for other staff members including preaching
  • Prepare a monthly report for the elders on the progress of the Children’s program.
  • Support other staff and ministry leaders with project and events
  • Meet weekly with ministerial staff.
  • Conduct weddings (with accompanying counseling) and assist in funerals when requested.
  • Work in conjunction with other staff to provide or arrange for supervision of the Christian Life Center when in use.
  • Work in conjunction with the Minister staff to maintain and post a calendar of Christian Life Center events and/or activities.
  • Schedule events and activities (i.e. birthday parties, practices, games etc.) in accordance with CLC policy established by the Leadership.
  • Perform or arrange for cleaning of the CLC on a weekly basis.
  • Perform or arrange for any needed maintenance of CLC property or equipment.
  • Lead a monthly setup team
  • Check and promptly respond to email, text, voice mail and mail received
  • Participate in self-evaluation as well as evaluation/feedback
  • Other duties as assigned by Elders or Lead Minister

Send resume and philosophy of ministry to: Mark Wells –

Physical Address:
2020 Fox Creek Road
Lawrenceburg, KY40342
Mark Wells

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