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Traditional Programs

Every Chistian a Minister of the Gospel

Students enrolled in the traditional on-campus programs of study feature double majors in Bible and Leadership with Christian Ministry or Bible and Leadership with a KSU/MATC major. These programs lead to bachelor of science or arts degrees.

MCC is firmly committed to the mission of educating, equipping, and enriching men and women for leadership and service in the name of Christ. Accepting that the biblical principle of the “priesthood of all believers” is more than a paid clergy, the college fosters a very broad view of what a ministry entails. Any student in a degree program has the opportunity to render ministry in a variety of contexts and diverse fields as a result of the academic programming and experiences received while at the college.

Students in the Christian Ministry major have a wide variety of emphasis and track options that will allow them to tailor their education to match their spiritual gifts and ministry calling. Combinations are nearly unlimited and emphasis options include children’s ministry, counseling, family ministry, intercultural studies, pastoral ministry, spiritual formation, worship, and youth ministry.

Students may also chose the dual degree program. These degrees feature a Bible and Leadership degree from MCC along with a secondary major from Kansas State University or Manhattan Area Technical College. Popular programs feature KSU majors from the colleges of Education, Business Admistration, Agriculture, Family Studies, and many others.