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Admissions Staff

Nick Brown - Director of Admissions & Recruitment

B.S., Manhattan Christian College, 2009
B.S., Kansas State University, 2010

Admissions territories include: online students, international students, and students from the states of Alaska, Hawaii and Nebraska.

MCC Start Date: February 2008

What I like about MCC...I love seeing the transformation that takes place from the time a student enters to the time they graduate. I also enjoy beating the student teams during intramural sports.

My Interests...Nebraska football, higher education, golf, reading, TV, my wife and the church.

Kyla Dunn - Admissions Office Assistant / Admissions Crew Leader

MCC Start Date: September 2011

What I like about MCC...I love having a place that I can consider my home away from home.  MCC is full of individuals from different places who come together with one common purpose, to serve and to grow in their relationship with Christ.

My Interests...playing games, talking, birthday parties, CHRISTMAS, and anything with people, LOVE people.

Robyn Kejr - Admissions Marketing Specialist / Residence Hall Supervisor in Kenoyer Hall

B.S, Manhattan Christian College, 2010
B.S., Kansas State University, 2010

MCC Start Date: April 2014

What I like about MCC...I came back to MCC for the purpose of pouring into the lives of the women on campus.  I have felt this tug on my heart for a while, and I am really excited to continue building relationships with prospective students!

My Interests...deep conversations, creating things, photography, new people, traveling, adventures, chips and salsa, peanut butter and carrots, my sister’s homemade apple pie.

Trent McGee - Admissions Counselor / Women's Soccer Coach

B.S., Kansas State University, 2010

Admissions territories include: Northeast KS, Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin

MCC Start Date: July 2014

What I like about MCC...The energy from the students on campus is life sustaining.  I continually strive to help students find that best version of themselves.  We are here to serve them, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

My Interests...Harry Potter, all day, every day.

Julie Robinson - Admissions Counselor

B.A., University of Sioux Falls, 2008
M.A., George W Truett Seminary at Baylor University, 2013

MCC Start Date: August 2013

What I like about MCC...I like the Christ-centered community.

My Interests...people, missions, speaking the Gospel, youth ministry.

Bryan Sammons - Admissions Counselor

B.S., Manhattan Christian College, 2013

MCC Start Date: July 2015

Admissions territories include...Salina KS, Western KS, Wichita KS, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

What I like about MCC...I love the atmosphere on campus. The faculty, staff, and students are all working towards the same goal of growing closer to Christ and furthering His kingdom. It is a fun environment full of great people.

My Interests...I enjoy watching all sports, especially the Kansas Jayhawks. I also like to play soccer, basketball, softball, and golf, watch movies, and spend time with my wife.

Teka Wilson - Admissions Office Manager / Campus Visit Coordinator

B.S., Manhattan Christian College, 2014

MCC Start Date: October 2010

What I like about MCC...I enjoy people I work with and the students I get to meet.

My Interests...spending time with my girls.  Walking and jogging.  I also like helping at K-State concessions stand.