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Timothy Days Leadership & Scholarship Event

January 27-28 or March 3-4                                                                         
Are you a senior who has stepped up and made a difference in your youth group, school or community?

Nominate a Student

We want to recognize your leadership and accomplishments at the Annual Timothy Days Leadership Conference.  This is a very special time for you and other high school seniors to visit Manhattan Christian College and interview for our Leadership Scholarship worth over $31,000!  Besides scholarship opportunities, there is also a banquet for you and your family, various workshops, an activities fair, a speaker and worship, and much more.  If you are considering Manhattan Christian College, you do not want to miss this event.

For consideration of the event and Leadership Scholarship, we need recommendations from your youth leader or minister.  Your leader can nominate you by submitting your name and needed information on the nomination form or by contacting the Admissions office.  After your name is submitted, a special invitation will be sent to you and your family to attend our two day event.  As a young Christian leader you will be recognized in front of peers and faculty at the formal banquet as well as receive a $500 scholarship for being nominated and attending.

Two Leadership Scholarships will be awarded – one male and one female at each event.  The recipient(s) must enroll at MCC as a full-time, degree-seeking student for Fall 2018.

The Leadership Scholarship awards will be for:

  • Freshman year: $ 5,000 
  • Sophomore Year: 1/2 Tuition 
  • Junior Year: 3/4 Tuition 
  • Senior Year: Full Tuition

Interviews will only be conducted during Timothy Days events.
Each two-day event will be limited to 50 nominees.  Please have your youth leader nominate you asap. Invitations will be sent out soon and then as nominations are received.

Nomination Form