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Christian Service


Christian Service is an academic requirement focusing on active learning. Service opportunities allow students to integrate academic exercise with practical ministry in an observable and evaluative environment. Christian Service addresses three areas in which students have the opportunity to enhance their Christian growth and development.

· In personal growth, students express their faith volitionally through active service.

· In body life, students become an integral part of a local ministry where spiritual gifts can be recognized and applied.

· In ministry, students seek those areas of service that would allow for application of their giftedness and academic training

College Requirements

1. All degree-seeking students must complete the following Christian Service requirements:

2. MCC offers Christian Service (CHR) courses each semester. Students should earn one credit of Christian Service for each semester in which they are degree-seeking, minus one. [e.g. If a student transfers and is only at MCC for four semesters, he needs three credits of Christian service.]  1 CHR Credit = 0 hours.

3. A traditional campus student with a Christian Ministry major must fulfill the following requirements in choosing the type of Christian service hours:

· Five general Christian Service credits (CHR 101 – CHR 105).

· Two credits from the chosen area of emphasis (CHR 131 & CHR 132). These credits will be supervised by the professor overseeing the primary emphasis.

4. A traditional campus student not earning a Christian Ministry degree (dual degree, Bible/Theology) must fulfill the following requirements in choosing the type of Christian service hours:

· Seven general Christian Service credits (CHR 101 – CHR 107)

5. A student enrolled in an associate’s degree or a non-traditional campus student must complete three Christian service credits (CHR 101 – CHR 103).

6. Semester service time logs and assessment forms are kept on permanent file and are subject to committee review before degrees are granted.

7. Sixteen (16) hours during a semester is the minimum time requirement for credit. However, more hours may be involved depending on the activity. It is important the chosen activity does not conflict with scheduled class time or other college requirements.


1. Enroll in a Christian Service course when you enroll in all of your other courses. Your advisor can assist you in choosing the correct course number.

2. Instructions, time logs, and the semester self-assessment may be obtained from the MCC Online course site when the semester begins.

3. Seek out an area/activity of interest. Gather information by contacting an organization posted on the MCC website, visiting with faculty/staff, or networking with other students.

4. If necessary, an academic withdrawal from CHR must be made no later than term drop deadline. Please follow the same procedure as dropping any class.

5. Follow all instructions provided on the MCC Online course site.

6. See the course syllabus for specific requirements and service guidelines.

If you have further questions, you can e-mail the Christian Service Director at: