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Directed Field Experience

Most of the coursework done by students at MCC is in the classroom. However, a Directed Field Experience (DFE) gives students the opportunity to take what they learned in the classroom and use in real-life situations. The DFE is directed by a qualified person in the student’s major field. The professor and student prepare together before the DFE. On site, the field supervisor mentors the student. The field supervisor and the student submit evaluation reports midway and at the end of the DFE. Students must complete a minimum of four hundred hours of work experience.

Student Ministries and Internships

Student ministries and internships are private arrangements between churches or parachurch organizations and students. MCC does not provide any direct supervision of students involved in student ministries and internships, nor provide any official endorsement of the students’ readiness for ministry. Therefore, they do not count toward students required DFE. Faculty members, of course, are available to consult with students if the student seeks such advice.

Churches/Organizations wishing to hire a student for a ministry should contact the Institutional Advancement office for placement on the list of career opportunities.


Student and Field Supervisor Handbooks & Forms for the DFE:

Emphasis Field



Evaluation Forms

Children’s and Family Ministry Handbook Handbook CM Forms
Counseling Handbook Handbook CM Forms
Intercultural Studies Handbook Handbook ICS Forms
Pastoral Ministry Handbook Handbook PM Forms
Spiritual Formation Handbook Handbook SFM Forms
Worship Ministry Handbook Handbook WM Forms
Youth Ministry Handbook Handbook YM Forms