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MCC Online Student Services

A significant concern of MCC Online is to provide services to students that support and enhance their educational experience at Manhattan Christian College. To an increasing extent, we rely upon electronic information resources to manage the large amount of information necessary to help students.

MCC requires all students to have a MCC e-mail address. This is motivated by the convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness, and environmental advantages of using e-mail rather than printed communication. Because of this increasing reliance and acceptance of electronic communication, e-mail is considered an official means for communication within MCC. Your MCC e-mail address is the official communication channel between you and the college, including faculty and administrative offices. Please read the Student E-mail Policy. This e-mail address is provided for new students at enrollment.

MCC also seeks to provide each student with the resources needed for success in achieving their academic goals. Below are services offered online that students would normally have access to when taking on-campus courses.

Adaptive Needs
Manhattan Christian College and MCC Online will provide assistance and accommodations to students with documented disabilities that may impede their academic progress. Services include notifying instructors about the student’s disabling condition and the specific accommodations to which the student is entitled. Adaptive needs will not alter the academic requirements of individual courses. Each student must provide recent documentation of his or her disability in order to receive adaptive needs assistance.

College Tests Information
Credit is allowed for CLEP, General and Subject Examinations, the Advanced Placement program, and DANTES examinations as approved by the Academic Dean. The number of credits allowed for satisfactory performance on the general examinations may not exceed thirty percent of the required degree program hours (see the Academic Information section of the current catalog). Contact the Distance Education office if you have questions about which test you might take.

MCC Library
An online public access catalog, access to a multitude of online database systems containing more than 10,000 full text journals, online database systems with partial full text and/or bibliographic references and many online full text books are provided. The online resources are available 24 hours a day from any location. Assistance is also available through by phone and e-mail during normal operating hours.

Financial Aid
Manhattan Christian College is committed to providing exceptional service to students and their families who apply for financial assistance. The Office of Financial Aid offers a variety of services and programs designed to help you find ways to meet the costs of education. We want you to succeed at Manhattan Christian College.

Writing Resources
Explore these sites to find many ideas for writing assignments as well as handouts that can be used in the classroom for writing instruction.

MCC Chapel Services
MCC provides online access to the audio of the weekly campus chapel services. MCC’s Chapel is designed to help provide opportunities for spiritual growth for all our students, alumni, and friends. Our desire is to provide access to our chapel messages to those who cannot be present.