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Housing and Dining Contract Form

By completing the form below, I am agreeing to the following terms:

1. I will accept a space in MCC housing and agree to one of the following dining service options:

a. 10 Meal Plan – $4,315 per semester* – Allows you to eat 10 meals each week in the Campus Center Monday through Sunday at meal times only

b. 15 Meal Plan – $4,775 per semester* – Allows you to eat 15 meals each week in the Campus Center Monday through Sunday at meal times only

2. I agree to pay a security deposit according to the fee schedule.  I understand that I will receive my deposit back realizing that any or all of my deposit may be withheld by MCC if I fail to turn in my key(s), damage MCC property, fail to clean my room properly before leaving or owe the college money for any reason.

3. I promise to pay promptly for any damages or other charges that might be billed to me.

4. I agree that this contract is for both housing and dining and is in force for the entire academic year. Housing and dining services will be closed during official recesses as indicated on the college calendar. Students must vacate one day after classes end each semester except by special permission from the Vice President for Student Life and/or the Director of Student Development.

5. I agree that MCC may reassign or adjust occupancy of rooms and may permit other use of rooms during an event of an epidemic or disaster. Food and facilities to be furnished under this contract are for the use of the person to whom this contract is issued. Transfer or sharing with any other person is not permitted.

6. I agree to allow periodic visits to my room by authorized personnel to determine that the college property is being maintained satisfactorily to insure the protection of the health and safety of residents.

7. I agree to make no claim against MCC or its employees for loss of private property or for personal injury rising out of my use of the housing facility.

8. If I do not complete the required procedure for vacating the room within 24 hours after completion of the last final examination each semester or when the contract is canceled, I will be assessed appropriate charges based at the academic year guest room daily rate.

9. I agree to abide by all Manhattan Christian College rules and regulations (see Student Handbook) and those established for the residence halls and understand that my contract may be canceled if I engage in disruptive or un-Christian behavior.

10. Rooms will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Students living in MCC housing must be degree seeking or taking six credit hours per semester. Priority will be given to full-time, degree-seeking student Residence Hall Applications received prior to June 1, of the upcoming fall semester.

11. I understand that my security deposit will roll over to my second year of residence hall living when I return to MCC the following year.

12. In the event that I do not return to MCC my second year as a student living in the residence halls, I will notify the Student Development Office in writing by June 1 (November 30 for spring semester) or I will forfeit my entire security deposit.

13. I have read and agree with the contract cancellation guidelines set forth on the Residence Hall Application.

*Figures shown are for the 2021-2022 academic year.  These figures are subject to change.

Housing and Dining Contract

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