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Donate Your Change – New Giving Option

Donate Your Change

It’s easy!  Choose to round up every transaction and support MCC.

Donate Your Change helps you give to MCC through roundups on everyday purchases. You choose which of your checking and credit card accounts to give from and how much you want to round up every day every time you spend.

There is no cost to signup.

Every roundup donation is tax deductible.

The donations are generated when a donor links a bank account/credit/debit card to the app from the Donate Your Change website and designates Manhattan Christian College to receive their roundup donations. Once linked, every transaction made with that linked account automatically rounds up to the nearest dollar. Everywhere your card is accepted, the roundups are generated. Every online transaction linked to the app also generates a roundup donation. The app can be linked at as many bank accounts as you own.

All bank account information is encrypted, as with any secure online banking transaction. No donor bank account information is stored on our company server or by MCC.

Security is Important–Donate Your Change Round Up Giving has been vetted at the highest levels.

Donate Your Change meets the highest of internet-banking security protocols. The app was developed and integrated with the Finicity® database network of banks/credit card companies. Security screening was conducted by Cigital, Inc., a leading, global software security and consulting firm.

Your financial information is encrypted and secured. Your spending habits are not recorded or tacked. You can make daily giving part of your lifestyle without worrying about security or privacy.

Control your DYC roundup account from your phone or tablet or on the web. Change your setup features any time you like to accommodate your giving. View your donations in real time.

How to Start Donating Your Change:

1. Go to

2. Click the “Sign up now” button.

3. Create a new roundup account. Take three easy steps to start using the app. Just follow the prompts. Email or call DYC if you encounter any difficulty.

4. Create your profile. Choose Manhattan Christian College as your roundup recipient.

5. Choose the payment method(s)—bank accounts, PayPal accounts and/or credit/debit cards—you’ll use to round up from. Once you’ve set this up, you’ll be charged each time your roundup accounts have generated $10 worth of roundup charges.

6. Control how much is rounded up and donated. Choose the maximum daily limit that’s right for you. You can turn your account off and on.

Thank you for helping to spread the Gospel through the students of MCC every time you spend.