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Meningitis Record or Waiver

To reduce the spread of bacterial meningococcal meningitis among the student population, Manhattan Christian College requires all students living in campus housing after August 2006 to receive the meningitis vaccination. All students living in campus housing must either provide written documentation of immunization by a medical provider or sign a waiver to indicate they have been informed about the disease and vaccine and have chosen not to be immunized. Non-compliant students will not be allowed to move into campus housing until the compliance is documented with the Student Development Office. Manhattan Christian College encourages all other students to consider vaccination as well as to become knowledgeable about meningitis and its symptoms in order to reduce their personal risk.

Download and complete the Meningitis Immunization Record   (to be completed by medical provider) and upload the completed document here


After reading the Meningitis Health Information and Facts, complete the online Waiver of Immunization form.