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Director of Children’s Project Management

Job Description
Doxazo MInistries are looking for an innovative leader passionate about reaching elementary-aged kids with the good news of Jesus. Doxazo Ministries helps churches equip disciples who make disciples by identifying and solving challenges facing the church.

The director of children’s project management oversees two areas of the ministry.

  • The first is the children’s discipleship network, where they work directly with the children’s ministers in our city to deepen relationships, conduct research, and develop resources that will help churches best reach elementary-aged kids with the good news of Jesus.
  • The second is Doxazo Camp, a mobile summer day camp designed to partner directly with churches to help them outreach kids in their community and engage them in the context of their church.

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Physical Address

Doxazo Ministries

1020 NE Forest Ave

Topeka, KS  66616


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