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Lead Pastor

Job Description

The Lead Pastor is to provide spiritual and pastoral leadership to the congregation of Walnut Grove Christian Church (WGCC) and to lead us in broad-based evangelism to the surrounding community. This includes providing spiritual leadership through example, preaching and teaching, working alongside other ministry staff, and with the Elders to implement the vision and mission of the Church, equipping the congregation for various works of ministry, and shepherding the people in partnership with the Elders, the Church Council, and the Christian Education-Adult, Benevolence/Hospitality and Missions/Outreach ministry teams.


The Lead Pastor reports directly to the Elders to whom they are accountable. This position will be evaluated annually by the Elders based upon this job description and any specific written goals set as a part of an annual plan developed in cooperation with the Elders. The Lead Pastor shall attend all Elder’s meetings and provide the Elders with a written monthly report in a format agreed to with the Elders. The Lead Pastor will set office hours as agreed to with the Elders. The Lead Pastor also will attend monthly Church Council meetings.

Doctrine and Ministering

  • Believes that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and our Savior.
  • Believes in the Holy Spirit, both as to His agency in conversion and as a dweller in the heart of the Christian.
  • Believes baptism by immersion is a sign of the believer’s union with, and commitment to Christ.
  • Accepts the Old and New Testaments as the inspired Word of God.
  • Believes in the future punishment of the wicked and the future reward of the righteous.
  • Believes in a prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God.
  • Observes the institution of the Lord’s Supper on every Lord’s Day.
  • Demonstrates through his words and actions a life submitted to Christ.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

  • Preaching, Teaching, and Worship
    • Teach and preach the Word of God in a way that is relevant, inspiring, and applicable to daily life.
    • Outreach/Community Engagement
    • Congregational Relations/Pastoral Care
    • Leadership/Leadership Development and Discipleship
    • Professional Development/Personal Growth

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Theology, or a related field, from an accredited seminary or divinity school in alignment with foundational principles of the Restoration Movement.
  • Prior experience in pastoral or ministry leadership roles including all aspects of church operations, preferred.
  • Ordained minister designation

Personal Qualities

  • A heart for people and a desire to shepherd and disciple them.
  • A passion for evangelism and outreach, with a track record of successful outreach initiatives.
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills to work collaboratively with ministry support staff, church leaders, and church volunteers.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with demonstrated effectiveness in communicating through multiple media formats.

Compensation/Conditions of Employment

  • This is a full-time (average 40 hours per week) paid position based on qualifications and experience.
  • An annual (January 1-December 31) employment agreement is drafted, approved, and signed by which provides detailed total compensation information.

Physical Address

Walnut Grove Christian Church

12930 E County Road 1700N

Arcola, IL 61910


For further information about this opportunity, please email For a detailed job description click Detailed Job Description. To apply online click here Apply Here.


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