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Part-Time Pastor

Job Description

Faith Connection Covenant Church is located on the outskirts of Washington, KS which is also the county seat. Our church is 10 years old, and we renovated an industrial red barn into a church gathering location. We are a county community of 5,000. There is a growing Hispanic population, bilingual would be a bonus.

FCCC mission is to create a welcoming environment inside out church and outside in the community to share the love of Jesus. We have cultivated a non- judgmental and family oriented culture. Our Sunday worship service is where we lay the groundwork for being a better neighbor throughout the week. We strive to connect with others to deepen our faith in God. FCCC looking for a part-time pastor.

Job Responsibilities

  • Preach and teach the Bible, both Old and New Testaments as the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct.
  • A part-time pastor that provides pastoral guidance and works with the leadership team to build up and strengthen the FCCC as a whole.
  • Keep the practices and teachings of FCCC in harmony with the broader, communally discerned positions of the Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • To help equip the congregation to utilize their God-given talents, and encourage spiritual growth, to further the Word into the community.
  • Relationship builder who can engage all ages.
  • A typical week of 20-25 hours, with 75% of that time used to prepare and deliver sermons and administer sacraments.
  • We are willing to explore a creative way to build connections out in the community, meet people where they are and network with other churches in the community, even on a Sunday.
  • If not currently credentialed in the Evangelical Covenant Church, willing to seek credentialing in the Covenant Orientation Program.

Physical Address

Faith Connection Covenant Church

1803 Wilson Dr.

Washington, KS 66958


To apply (send resume and references) or for further inquiries, email Mike Woerner


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