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Job Description

  • Hill City Christian Church is a small (30-40 person) church looking for an outgoing individual who loves Jesus and is willing to help people in our church and community to understand how to have a personal connection with God through the Scriptures and prayer, and how to mature in Christ’s love and do the ministry God has gifted each believer to do. This is a full-time position starting as soon as possible.


  • To personally fill the pulpit and lead regular meetings of the church, except when speakers or musical groups are permitted by the elders.
  • To labor in personal calling, study, preaching, teaching, office work, meetings, etc. and represent the church in community affairs.
  • To present his programs to the elders for their ratification and implementation.
  • To preach the Word, as it is in the Holy Bible, in kindness and in love and be governed by it in his way of life.
  • To maintain and care for all church property entrusted to his care, such as but not limited to church parsonage, equipment, etc., keeping pets from tearing up parsonage and yard and keeping the parsonage and lawn maintained and junk out of and around the church property.
  • To provide and sign all necessary paperwork needed to fulfill the benefits as outlined in this agreement, including but not limited to: HIPPA, IRS regulations, Labor Laws, Social Security, Medicare and Insurance and others.

Physical Address

Hill City Christian Church

122 N Pomeroy Ave.

Hill City, KS  67642


For further information contact or to apply (send resume and references) to



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