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Pastor – Part Time

Job Description
New Strawn Community Christian Church is seeking a dedicated and compassionate individual to join our team as a part-time Pastor. Our church is located in the heart of New Strawn and is committed to serving and providing spiritual guidance to our community in accordance with the Bylaws of the Church.

Mission Statement of New Strawn Community Christian Church:
The mission of the New Strawn Community Christian Church is to save souls by bringing them to Christ Jesus our Savior and Friend and to renew the relationship between His sheep that have strayed and their Shepherd Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. Doing this through worship, fellowship, nurturing and teaching.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading Sunday Services:
    • The Pastor will lead our Sunday worship services, delivering inspiring and thought-provoking sermons that resonate with our congregation and help foster spiritual growth.
  • Conducting Funerals:
    • The Pastor will be responsible for conducting funeral services with compassion and empathy, providing comfort and support to grieving families during their time of loss.
  • Performing Weddings:
    • The Pastor will officiate weddings, working closely with couples to create ceremonies that emphasize a lifelong spiritual commitment between a man and a woman.
  • Administering Baptisms:
    • The Pastor will perform baptisms, guiding individuals through this important sacrament and helping them deepen their connection to their faith.
  • Visiting the Congregation:
    • The Pastor will visit members of the congregation when they are ill, in the hospital or for other life events, to give compassionate comfort and guidance.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Ordained Minister:
    • The ideal candidate should be an ordained minister with a deep understanding of Biblical knowledge and principles.
  • Strong Communication Skills:
    • The Pastor must possess excellent verbal communication skills, with the ability to effectively deliver sermons, officiate ceremonies, and minister to individuals from the congregation.
  • Compassion and Empathy:
    • It is essential for the Pastor to have a genuine and compassionate nature, demonstrating empathy and understanding when supporting grieving families and guiding individuals through significant life events.
  • Leadership and Organizational Abilities:
    • The Pastor should be a strong leader, capable of inspiring and guiding our congregation to deepen their faith and actively participate in church activities.
  • Commitment to Community:
    • The ideal candidate should have a strong commitment to community engagement and outreach, seeking ways to connect with and serve the needs of our congregation.


Pay- depending upon skills, experience and abilities, plus travel stipend.

If you are a compassionate and dedicated individual with a passion for serving others and fostering spiritual growth, we invite you to apply for this part-time Pastor position at New Strawn Community Christian Church. Join our team and make a meaningful impact on the lives of our church members and the community we serve.

Physical Address

New Strawn Community Christian Church

110 N. 5th

New Strawn, KS  66839


To apply please send resume and references to Susie Beaty at