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Senior Minister

Job Description
Avalon Church of Christ is an independent non-denominational Christian church of 225+ located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our mission is to lead all people to a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. Avalon uses an assimilation model based on 4-C’s: Connect; Care; Community; and Core to help individuals know and grow in their relationship with God.

The Senior Minister serves as the church’s most visible and senior employee. He is responsible for aligning staff and volunteers to support ministry activities that help individuals and families grow closer to Christ. He models Christ-like behavior in his public and private life, leads his family well, and ensures Avalon’s systems, practices, policies and activities effectively deliver on our mission. He sets and maintains performance standards consistent with Avalon’s policies and procedures and guides the staff and volunteers who perform ministry duties.

Being a key participant in teaching that Word to the Church is the most important role a minister of the Gospel and pastor of the flock can fill. With these thoughts firmly established as the ultimate priority for our Senior Minister, the following provides greater detail as to the various functional areas of responsibility of the role inclusive of the reporting relationship of the Senior Minister at Avalon Church of Christ.

Key Relationships:

  • Elders.
    • The Senior Minister works closely with and reports to the elders who serve 4-year, renewable terms. Elders are called and after confirmation by the congregation, ordained by the church. Elders are responsible for the spiritual health of Avalon. The elders consider the Senior Minister as an integral component of the church’s leadership team and rely upon him to maintain day-to-day operations and communications for Avalon. The Senior Minister may be called to serve as an elder. As a cohesive leadership team, Avalon’s elders and Senior Minister make and deliver strategic and operational plans.
  • Church Staff.
    • Our staff provides church duties through one or more of the following paid positions: Administrative Assistant, Care Director, Community Director, Student Director, and/or Children’s Director. Other part-time staff positions support weekly worship and videography needs. The Senior Minister oversees staff training and development and is responsible for hiring/dismissing staff personnel after consultation and guidance from the elders. He develops, obtains elder approval, implements, and maintains church policies and procedures. The Senior Minister ensures all staff members are actively growing in their knowledge and understanding of professional ministry.

      The Senior Minister demonstrates biblical stewardship by helping the finance committee and elders develop and execute the church’s annual budget as approved by the congregation. The Senior Minister ensures Avalon’s administrative and communication methods are effective and timely.

  • Congregation.
    • The senior minister is the primary preacher for corporate worship and, after accounting for guest preachers and planned absences, delivers approximately 44 weekly sermons rooted in scripture. In coordination with the elders, staff, and other key volunteers, the Senior Minister plans and leads discipleship and ministry training for the staff and congregation. He monitors the overall well-being of the congregation to ensure they are spiritually nourished and informed and receive appropriate pastoral care. Pastoral care may include hospital/shut-in visitation and communion, home visits, counseling, marriages, and funerals.
  • Community
    • Avalon is an important member of the Tidewater community. The Senior Minister ensures we maintain a positive, Christian presence in the local and global community.

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Physical Address

Avalon Church of Christ

844 Woodstock Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23464


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