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Senior Pastor

The Senior Minister is to be a leader among leaders with the staff, elders, key ministry volunteers, and the congregation of Delta Christian Church as together we pursue the church’s vision to ‘[reach] the children and youth of Western Delta County’. 


  1. Develop strategies to improve church health and disciple-making in order to maximize the purposes and accomplish the vision of Delta Christian Church.
  2. Develop and implement a discipleship processes to attract, teach, and bring to Christian maturity the people of Delta Christian Church and the surrounding communities, through processes encompassing fathers and family, volunteers, and direct ministry.
  3. Participate as an equal with the Board of Elders and direct staff meetings.
  4. As appropriate, mentor, develop, and evaluate staff in order to maximize the full potential of their gifts and abilities.
  5. Lead a team of staff that accomplishes more together than they would as a collection of individuals.
  6. Create an evaluation process for staff to set and work toward goals to achieve the church’s vision while holding staff accountable for conduct and performance. 
  7. Plan and carry out preaching that is of consistent high quality, geared to the mission and vision of the church, is spiritually challenging, inspires action, is Biblically sound, culturally relevant which emanates from your own growing relationship with God through Christ.
  8. Be physically and emotionally accessible to staff, elders, and the church.
  9. Create and maintain effective means of communication within the church.
  10. Understand and comply with the policies relating to the operation of Delta Christian Church, its ministries and resources.
  11. Understand and actively support the beliefs of Delta Christian Church.
  12. Willingly use your special gifts and skills for the further development of DCC ministries.
  13. Organize and participate as needed with general pastoral duties including, but not limited to, counseling, prayer, and visitation according to personal giftedness.
  14. Create and maintain personal and ministry goals that lead to intellectual growth, greater spiritual maturity, and more effective ministry for you, your family, and Delta Christian Church.
  15. Work with staff and elders in establishing the annual budget in line with goals and priorities while providing financial management and reporting.
  16. Work with elders in the oversight of the Deacons of Delta Christian Church.
  17. All other duties as assigned by the elders of Delta Christian Church.



Physical Address:
Delta Christian Church
795 1600 Rd
Delta, CO 81416

Tony Bohling (elder)
Don Chapman (elder)


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