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Student Minister

General Overview:

Tuttle Christian Church (TCC) is a Restoration Movement church. Part of our key focus is the development of relationships with children and students. God has blessed us with an incredible ministry that averages 200 kids and students weekly. We average 75+ 6-12th grade students each week. Student Ministry meets on Wednesday evenings with programming consisting of games, activities, worship, a message, and small groups. Currently we have a team of 16 adult leaders leading small groups following the message. Several of these adult leaders also assist with leading our junior & senior high Sunday classes.

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Who We Are

Restoration Movement church in central Oklahoma rooted in the Biblical principles and definitions of what the church is called to do.

Serve as the Body of Christ and seek His will in pursuing those who have yet to experience His saving grace.

Focused on developing relationships with children and students to bring them into a relationship with Him at a young age to affect their generation.

Incredible ministry that serves around 200 kids and students weekly, averaging 75+ students 6th-12th grades.

Understand flexible office hours and fully support a healthy work/family balance.

What to Expect

Mid-week programs follow school calendar consists of a meal, games, activities, worship, and a message.

Support team of 16 adult leaders that lead small groups as well as assist with leading our junior & senior high Sunday classes.

CIY as well as other possible camps to develop students in their journey to grow as Christians.

Position Details 

Oversee the day to day operations of Student Ministry to include scheduling, budgeting and operating to meet the ministry needs.

Oversee and plan seasonal calendar events such as: camps,retreats, outreach events & theme nights.

Recruit, train, and shepherd adult volunteers for ministering to and discipling students.

Willing to develop relationships with students to help them realize their identity in Christ.

Walk alongside parents and equip them to disciple their student at home.

Research and/or develop curriculum that is culturally relevant including social media and doctrinally sound for all programs.

Participate and contribute to weekly staff meetings.

Disciple and challenge students to become leaders among their peers by fostering spiritual growth.

Strive to be involved in the community by connecting with teachers, coaches, and community leaders.

Engage with students outside of regularly scheduled programs/events by attending games, recitals, plays etc

Willing to be mentored and coached to improve as a pastor,preacher/teacher and leader.


Bachelor’s degree in Ministry

3-5 years experience is preferred

Must be ordained or willing to seek ordination

Physically capable of participating with students playing basketball, 9 square, hiking etc.

Efficient at earning and maintaining authority while simultaneously gaining the respect of students.

Engaged member, or willing to become member of Tuttle Christian Church who supports the statements of Faith, submits to the leadership established by the church, and lives out our church mantra in tangible ways.

Physical Address

33 S.W. 3rd St

Tuttle, OK 73089



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