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TEA Missionary

Job Description

Do you LOVE the beverage TEA and Jesus? Have you ever dreamed about serving both as your job?

Café Barnabas is a Business As Ministry para-church organization located in Topeka, KS. We two tea cafes are energetic mentorship labs where student volunteers, similar to youth group students, gain employability skills, positive conversations, and a place to belong with the goal of leading students to Christ and connecting them to a local church. One of our cafes is located in a growing shopping mall setting, and the other is co-located with student dining on a secular college campus. We desire that people who join our team would enjoy working in a creative, flexible beverage environment designed to foster personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to Cultivate a life, one tea at a time.

Core Values

  • Teachable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Ambitious

Strategic Anchors

  • Crafting the best tea.
  • Creating outstanding experiences.
  • Challenging and encouraging students.

We strive to craft the BEST local tea, create outstanding experiences inside and outside the cafe, and challenge and encourage students to take one step closer to their personal goals and Christ.

You will be joining a team of experienced Business As Missions missionaries composed of our Volunteer Director who recently finished his MA in Biblical counseling, a Café Chaplain who is the dean of The Urban Ministry Institute of Topeka and the Center for Urban Chaplaincy, and is led by an Air Force Reserve Chaplain Candidate.

The BEST person for this position would be described as a positive person who can name their favorite tea, thinks 7-12th grade students are cool and has a visible confirmable faith in the Triune God of the Bible.

A shift lead is a Manager and Mentor who is a courageous champion of our volunteers willing to encourage other team members when something goes wrong, willing to provide direction for how to make things go right, and willing to energetically celebrate our team’s wins.

Responsibilities include:

  • Task delegation,
  • Cash management,
  • Conversation cultivation,
  • Physical beverage creation requiring standing for 6-8 hour shifts,
  • Equipment, and space sanitation consistent with retail food service,
  • Tea sales, and customer service, and
  • Occasional special events for volunteers.

Our shift leads are missionaries who are teachable, enthusiastic, and ambitious.

This is a paid position where you can make a difference.

Physical Address

Barnabas Tea Co.

1801 SW Wanamaker Rd.

Topeka, KS  66604


If you are ready to make the world a better place using tea to mentor students? If you are interested, we want to talk with you.  If you have questions about the position, feel free to call or e-mail:

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