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Worship Leader

Job Description: Part Time Worship Pastor  

The primary responsibility of the worship pastor will be to lead others in focused, Christ centered worship. We are looking for an individual who possesses leadership qualities that  will help continue to grow our team, as well as the overall music ministry at Mount Vernon  Christian.  

Duties and Responsibilities  

  1. Love the Lord, putting Him and others above yourself; and love your family well.  Continue personal growth in your relationship with Christ, and be led by the Holy  Spirit, always striving to show leadership, integrity and humility in everything you  do.  
  2. Lead with a vision and passion that helps empower our team. Help get volunteers  plugged in, involved and excited about being a part of the worship team. Create new  ideas and opportunities for everyone involved.  
  3. Have the strong vocal abilities required to lead our church by singing. (Being able to  lead with a guitar/and or a piano is an added bonus, but is not required).  
  4. Needs to have at least a baseline knowledge on how to adjust, coordinate, and  operate the technical side of our worship services. 
  5. Attend staff meetings, and monthly board meetings with our leadership team. 
  6. Plan the music for Sunday mornings by coordinating with the senior pastor and  selecting songs that correlate with the sermon. Additionally, have the ability to  select songs with good theology that work well in a congregational worship setting.  
  7. Schedule volunteers; which can include: vocalist, drums, guitars, bass, and the tech  team.  
  8. On occasion, help coordinate and/or lead special events throughout the year, both  on and off Mount Vernon Christian campus.  
  9. When available, perform other duties assigned by the leadership team and/or the senior pastor.

Physical Address

Mt. Vernon Christian Church

1462 McVey Street

Mt. Vernon, MO 65712



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