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Worship Pastor

Job Description

Calvary Chapel Church, situated in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, has a 30-year history of dedicated service within the local community to make known the heart of Jesus. Led by Senior Pastor Nick Pierce since 2020, the church is vibrant and expanding, aiming to impact and reach the community to pursue a life of faith in Jesus. Through three Sunday services at 8AM (an acoustically unplugged style worship experience), 9:45AM, and 11:30AM (modern full band worship environment), they welcome approximately 400 attendees weekly in person, with an even larger online presence. Their mission revolves around nurturing imperfect individuals to love God and others deeply, while making a positive global difference. By emphasizing the Word and fostering shared life, Calvary Chapel Lake of the Ozarks strives to serve, believe, and live obediently in the spirit of Jesus.

The church is looking for a Worship Pastor who embodies a steadfast commitment to preparedness and organizational excellence. An individual that thrives on meticulous planning, this candidate possesses the exceptional ability to engage dynamically across all levels – from the cohesive teamwork being a part of the pastoral leadership to the profound connections within the worship team community. To lead with direction and purpose, nurturing a pastoring mentality that prioritizes relationships. Their excellent communication skills foster an environment where egos take a back seat to collaboration. Taking full ownership, they excel in developing and training the worship team. Being able to effectively identify and address potential risks, they continually enhance efficiency and strive to eliminate barriers. Leading the worship environment of the congregation and fostering relationships through prayerful guidance, making spirit-led decisions to shape the journey ahead.

Below are the key responsibilities and qualifications Froot Group and the church have identified for this role.

Key Responsibilities:

Weekend Services

  • Lead and guide the worship team and congregation during Sunday services and special worship events.
  • Coordinate volunteer schedules for worship services, adjusting as needed based on availability.
  • Collaborate with the Lead Pastor and fellow team members to design and execute services aligned with the church’s vision.
  • Prepare chord charts, song arrangements, rehearsal materials, and recordings using Planning Center.
  • Manage worship-related expenses within the annual budget.
  • Foster the growth and enhancement of the Worship and Production teams at Calvary Chapel Church.
  • Oversee all aspects of in-person weekend services, including creative components.

Pastoral Responsibilities:

  • Cultivate strong relationships with worship team volunteers, nurturing connections and offering support.
  • Organize gatherings and activities to promote team unity, communicate vision, and deepen connections.

Team Development:

  • Spearhead the growth and progress of all worship team members and staff.
  • Be accessible to address queries and offer resources to aid individual musical growth.
  • Conduct auditions for potential worship team members to assess suitability.
  • Provide mentoring leadership to guide and nurture fellow worship team colleagues.
  • Demonstrate grace and empathy while leading the team.


  • Exhibit an enthusiastic leadership and solid character, possessing spiritual insight and a high emotional intelligence.
  • Demonstrate exceptional organizational skills, efficiency, and adept time management.
  • Display effective verbal and written communication abilities.
  • Function well as a multitasking team player with optimism, positivity, and strong interpersonal proficiencies.
  • Take charge of leading and supporting the production team.
  • Offer training and assistance to the production team for video communications and technical aid.
  • Express a deep commitment to continuous growth and improvement in the realm of worship.
  • Display relational talents in building and nurturing connections with team volunteers and staff.
  • Demonstrate advanced musical abilities, both instrumentally and vocally.
  • Be competent in playing at least one instrument, preferably acoustic guitar.
  • Previous experience with worship softwares such as Planning Center, ProPresenter, and preferably Ableton/Prime/Playback.


  • A bachelor’s degree is desirable, it is not mandatory.


  • The ideal candidate should possess a minimum of 3 years of prior experience in leading worship within a church setting of comparable style and size, or even larger.

This position reports to: Lead Pastor

For more information, view the full church profile at Church Profile

Physical Address

Calvary Chapel Lake of the Ozarks

Kaiser, MO  65047

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