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Worship Pastor

Worship Pastor/Synopsis: Valley View Christian Church is seeking a new Worship Pastor who will play a pivotal role in connecting people to Jesus by guiding Christ followers in authentic worship of God in a contemporary setting on Sunday mornings.

Job Description

Ministry Passion & Calling:

  • Have an active and real relationship with Jesus
  • Have a calling to pastor beyond leading worship
  • Have a desire to help others discover Jesus and his way of living
  • Have a passion for raising up other people to lead worship in a corporate setting
  • Have a desire to partner with the other staff in the ministry of Valley View
  • Have a commitment to the mission, vision & leadership of Valley View

Core Responsibilities:

  • Report directly to and work closely with the Lead Pastor
  • Lead and oversee the Worship & Media teams
  • Lead, pastor, and develop the ministry partners within the Worship & Media teams
  • Oversee all aspects of audio, video & projection that are involved in Worship Gatherings
  • Plan all aspects of the Worship Gatherings along with the Lead Pastor
  • Actively raise up and mentor new leaders
  • Willingness to take on other pastoral responsibilities as needed

Key Skills:

  • Strong musical skills, preferably on acoustic guitar 2
  • Understanding of technical aspects of audio, software, video, lighting, etc.
  • Ability to lead a team of musicians & vocalists to create a dynamic contemporary worship setting
  • Ability & desire to multiply himself to raise up worship leaders
  • Exceptional relational skills in motivating people and creating a team environment
  • Organized and detailed so that the worship ministry is effective in leading & pastoring people in worship
  • Highly motivated and passionate about ministry and worship

Preferred Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Ministry/Bible and ideally trained in Worship Arts
  • 3 years of experience as a Worship Pastor or Worship Leader

Salary & Benefits:

  • Salary will be based on education, previous ministry experience and previous work history
  • Health & Dental Insurance for family.
  • Retirement. Church matches 1:1 for the first 3% and .5:1 for the next 4%
  • Church issued debit card for ministry related expenses
  • Ministry related travel is covered either through mileage reimbursement or gas purchased with the church debit card
  • Reimbursement for monthly Cell Phone

Vacation & Leave:

• Vacation days based on education, experience, years in ministry but will not be less than 2 weeks, which will include 2 Sundays; Compassion leave (sickness, family emergencies): 5 days

Church Description:

Valley View Christian Church is in Edgewood, NM, which is the hub of a group of semi-rural bedroom communities 20 miles east of Albuquerque collectively called the East Mountains. At 6500 ft. elevation, Edgewood has been described as a place where the mountains meet the plains. To the east are prairie views for miles. In the other directions are the Sandia and Manzano mountain ranges, which are part of the Southern Rockies. In addition to the views, the area records over 325 days of sunshine per year. Edgewood is within 20 minutes of Albuquerque, 60 minutes of Santa Fe, and 25 or 75 minutes from ski slopes. The area is ideal for hiking and day trips to the mountains. Within a few hours there’s availability of deer, elk, antelope, and other big game hunting. In addition, New Mexico has a unique & diverse culture, and of course, New Mexican cuisine that is like no other food in the world.

Valley View was started by Christian Church Starters of NM (now Church Starters) and Errol Stepp in 1986. In 2001, Errol Stepp transitioned into the role of Executive Director of Church Starters and Valley View hired current Lead Pastor, Brandon Shaffer. Since 2001 the church has 3 grown from averaging 110 to over 700 (pre-Covid) in 3 identical contemporary/modern Worship Gatherings each Sunday. Currently, Valley View is averaging 400 onsite. However, a bright spot is that Kids Ministry is thriving, Student Ministry is 125% of pre-Covid levels, new young families are connecting, and giving is 100% of pre-Covid numbers.

The mission of Valley View is simply helping people connect to Jesus and his way of living. More than a ministry structure, Valley View has a heartbeat that centers around 3 core statements. 1) It’s okay to not be okay. 2) God’s not done! 3) No one walks alone. We believe that Jesus is willing to meet people in their mess, offer them hope and healing, and give them a community to walk with through life.

One feature of Valley View is that the diversity of the East Mountains is well represented within the church. Currently, people from 9 different communities in the region call Valley View home. As a result, there is diversity of age, socio-economic level, education, and ethnicity (predominantly Caucasian and Hispanic). Much of the draw to the church is a dynamic preaching team committed to relevant biblical teaching that transcends Sunday mornings. Valley View also has healthy small group involvement and dynamic youth & children’s ministries. In addition to that, over the last 18 years the church has developed strong relationships with the area school systems, local governments, and the local business community by serving and engaging the community. In the community at large, Valley View is known as the church that loves people and cares for the community.

Physical Address:
Valley View Christian Church
PO Box 1145 170 St Rd 344
Edgewood, NM

Brandon Shaffer
Phone: 505.281.8373


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