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Youth Minister

Job Description

The role of the Youth Pastor of ICC exists to lead and protect the students (birth through graduation) of the church, and partner with the whole church in shepherding the students any way we can.

Responsibilities include:

  • Vision and Direction
    • Must intentionally and prayerfully lead and protect the students of ICC. Must regularly provide the vision and direction for all of ICC to see the students’ needs and allow as many in the church as possible to join in addressing those needs.
  • Readiness
    • Must determine, delegate, and implement all tasks for all student classes/services.
    • Needs to be ready to honor commitments of time for any responsibilities, but also ready to serve and lead in excellence.
  • Volunteer Management:
    • Determines the approval process for adults to participate in all student related events/services that ICC provides, and to ensure we have an adequate number of volunteers for all activities and events.
    • Ensures all volunteers exhibit godly character and sound doctrine.
    • Must be willing to take on responsibilities but also delegate effectively as needed.
    • Must be able to give clear instructions so that volunteers are able to accomplish what is needed within their delegated responsibilities.
    • Must be ready to handle conflicts with godly character and wisdom.
  • Church Events/Special Activities:
    • In charge of determining what events would be necessary for spiritual formation, but also willing to create fun memories and fellowship opportunities.
    • If a delegated leader is unable to attend an event, the Youth Pastor must ensure all roles are filled appropriately, whether personally or by delegation.
    • Church camp: Our church attends yearly at Sunset Bible Camp in Mannford, Oklahoma. Must attend minimum of 1 full week every year and attend the other age camps when able.
  • Financial:
    • In charge of tracking event registrations and financial purchases as needed on behalf of all student ministry related matters, whether personally handled or through delegation.
    • With that, must be able to give an account for what is being spent on an ongoing basis.
    • In charge of determining upcoming financial needs (especially larger expenses) and communicating those needs in advance as best as possible.

Job Requirements and Guidelines:

  • Must be willing to partner in every way possible to carry out the purpose of The ICC Office: To equip God’s people to accomplish God’s will.
  • Love the whole church family, not just those within the student ministries.
  • Hours: As a salaried role, must work a minimum of 40 hours on a regular basis.
    • Office hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm, choosing one of those days off (notify The ICC Office which day at the beginning of employment and any desired changes later.)
    • We have a flexible schedule but need to maintain accountability for our time.
  • Must secure permanent residency within the Inola area (whether renting or owning)
  • Must regularly exhibit the desire to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus.
  • Be mindful of appropriate attire and cleanliness, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Must be self-managing in terms of the schedule based on current/future needs.
  • Must exhibit proficiency in a diverse range of computer skills.
  • Uphold the reputation and integrity of The ICC Office with strict confidentiality.
  • Display the ability to communicate well, both verbally and written.
  • When urgent situations arise, have the willingness to shift priorities to those involved.
  • Cooperation in scheduling and planning to see that the Mission and Vision of the church are being fulfilled in every way possible.
  • Must demonstrate a high level of trust. (A violation of trust will result in dismissal).

Physical Address

Inola Christian Church

30556 S 4200 Road

PO Box 782

Inola, OK  74036


If you have further questions contact Ashley Bowser at to apply please email your resume to Ashley Bowser at and add in the CC line.



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