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Youth Pastor and Music Minister

Cornerstone Christian Church is located on the east side of Wichita, KS. Regular church attendance has been 130 but we have a facility with plenty of space to grow. We are looking to fill a full time youth pastor position


Reports to the Lead Pastor and oversees the development, implementation and oversight of the Middle and Sr. High ministries with the goal of those individuals becoming devoted followers of Jesus Christ. 

 A Youth Pastor should be able to perform various duties and responsibilities. The Youth Pastor should help the church fulfill its calling to minister to youth. Youth Pastors should do this by being strong leaders in the youth ministry and by training youth volunteers to serve in the church. 


Full time position 40+ hours per week. Compensation is based on education, training and experience. 


Having a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Bible college is preferred, but not required. 2-4 years’ experience minimum in leading youth and associated activities at church(s) or related ministry associations.


  • Ultimately accountable to God. Reports directly to the Lead Pastor for open communication amongst all staff members. 
  • Be a committed, immersed Christ-follower. 
  • Exhibit a Christ-like attitude and trustworthy character.
  • Build relationships with all congregational members.
  • Be flexible.
  • Set and meet yearly goals (professionally/personally).
  • Take and use your day off wisely and effectively.
  • Make your family a #1 priority.
  • Use vacation effectively and wisely (2 weeks).


  • Creation and implementation of events and activities that foster a sense of community within the Student Ministry.
  • Discipleship of individual students, as well as facilitation of a network of individuals who are actively discipling students.
  • Connection with students on a regular basis outside of church activities (e.g., school events, extracurricular events, etc.).
  • Maintain an “outreach” focus in all youth activities.
  • Recruitment of volunteer leaders who are passionate about ministry to students and who engage with students to mentor them spiritually.
  • Management of the Student Ministry social media accounts.
  • Provision of pastoral care for students and their families.
  • Work in partnership with the Director of Children’s Ministries to create and participate in occasional activities with the children of this age group with the goal of building relationships with them prior to their transition to the Youth program.
  • Stewardship of the annual Student Ministry budget and administration of the church’s resources in a God-honoring fashion.
  • Perform some of the general pastoral ministries of the church as needs arise (teaching, preaching, counseling, visitation, etc.).
  • Keep regular office hours, participate in scheduled staff meetings and be generally accessible to the church as a ministry leader (within reason).
  • A self-motivated leader, capable of casting and imparting vision for ministry, possessing relational skills with youth, parents, and staff.
  • Demonstrate strong verbal, written, and social media communication skills.
  • Demonstrate wisdom and integrity with social media use.
  • Possess situational awareness.
  • Be a team player and work effectively in a team setting.


 Resumes can be sent to

Physical Address:
Cornerstone Christian Church
5531 E 37th St N, Wichita, KS 67220

Jason Whyte


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