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Woman’s World

“In the Eye of the Storm” Woman’s World Conference 2018

“This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.”–Hebrews 6:19

Woman’s World is a non-denominational overnight event that helps women understand their significance in God’s eyes.  The program includes practical seminars, a dynamic keynote speaker, buffet meals, times of worship, and lots of other surprises.  This year’s theme of “In the Eye of the Storm” will be a celebration of how God walks with us every day in both good times and hard times and how He desires to bless us more than we can imagine. It will be a fun and inspirational break from the winter months for all ages.  Woman’s World has been a ministry of Manhattan Christian College since 1978.

Keynote Speaker:Robyn Dykstra
Robyn Dykstra
Author and Speaker

Robyn Dykstra is a captivating national speaker and author.  For more than 25 years, she has been speaking across the U.S. helping women renew their hope and energize their faith so that they will trust and follow Jesus.  Her book The Widow Wore Pink, A True Story of Life After Loss and the Transforming Power of a Loving God was inspired by the events from her own life.  Events she didn’t plan or want—Abuse. Addiction. Betrayal. Divorce. Death.

If you’ve experienced loss or trial in your life –whether self-induced or thrust upon you, you’ll want to hear Robyn’s encouraging story.  She is surprisingly funny and refreshing after all she’s been through.  Through her in-depth Biblical teaching and funny personal illustrations, she will have you laughing one minute and crying the next as you discover fresh truth from God’s Word.

Robyn and her husband, Dave, live and worship in Grand Rapids, MI.

Weekend Includes:
3 Keynote Sessions
2 Buffet Meals (Friday supper, Saturday lunch)
5 Seminar Choices (2 Friday, 3 Saturday)
Keepsake Surprises

Individuals who have attended Woman’s World in the past will receive a registration brochure at their home.  But, you can help us spread the word to those who have never attended by sending them this link.

Registration Prices:
$80 postmarked or received by January 31, 2018.  ($85 February 2018)

Parking: $5 per day in the covered garage next to the K-State Student Union.
Friday $5; Saturday $5

Register Here

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Schedule of Events:
All conference events are held at the Kansas State University Student Union.

Friday, February 23, 2018

2:30-5:00 p.m.                     Conference Check-In/Registration
4:00-5:00                              Opening Seminar

Kevin Ingram, MCC President
You Are With Me
The 23rd Psalm gives us confidence that the Lord is with us through thick and thin.  We have no need to fear.  He loves us and he died to save us.  For those who trust in him, he is the shepherd, the rock, and our anchor in life and in death.                                       

5:15-6:30                              Choice of Seminar (4 topics)

Know, Slow, No: Key Words for Soul Care
Brian Medaris, Manhattan, KS
What has your soul been crying for lately?  Soul care involves nurturing our whole selves in order that we might more effectively invest in others.  Discover how three words can set you on the path to personal growth and effective Kingdom work.

Pushing On Through the Potholes of Life
Wesley Paddock, DMin, Manhattan, KS
Potholes are those things that disrupt our life.  Everyone has them, so how do we deal with them. The Bible is full of characters dealing with potholes and their examples give us suggestions on how to deal with our own.  Bring your shovel and be ready to go to work.

Representations of Jesus in Modern Culture: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Bill Jenkins, PhD, Manhattan, KS
This seminar will give a brief overview of the changing representations of Jesus in recent decades, primarily in film. The purpose is to help show the ways in which Christians and non-Christians alike modify the figure of Jesus to serve personal ends.

Worship Matters
Genilyn McCaffrey, DWS, Manhattan, KS
We all worship.  We know it when we see it.  We know it when we experience it.  But, really, what is worship?  Come dig into the biblical foundations of worship.  Find out more about why we do what we do—and how we can worship more passionately and more intelligently.

6:30                                        Buffet Lines Open

7:00-9:30                              Keynote Session with Meal

Saturday, February 24, 2018

8:00-8:45 a.m.                      Late Conference Check-in

Early Morning Bible Study
Pam Spaulding, Manhattan, KS
The Prayers of Christ
Have you ever wondered why Jesus prayed?  In this study, we will explore together the prayers of Christ.  We will look at Jesus as the model to prayer and how it applies to our lives.  An emphasis on what Jesus prayed, who he was praying for and why he prayed will be the focus of this study.

9:00-10:00 a.m.                   Choice of Seminar (7 topics—choose one)

A Silent Killer: Pornography
Julie Robinson, MA, Manhattan, KS
An epidemic of broken hearts, lives, and marriages due to pornography use is in our midst.  It is as addictive as heroine and no longer considered just a “male” issue.  The average age of exposure is now 8 years old and 1 in 3 women are searching for it at least once a month.  Come learn about the reality of this “silent killer” and how Jesus is able to eradicate it.  He is trustworthy to make all things new including our own brokenness.

Formula for Handling the Storms of Life
Marcy Cassel, Manhattan, KS
When life is hard and not meeting up to our expectations, our stress can be overwhelming and cause us to question God’s plan or lose confidence that He is in control.  But, the God of the Universe will never leave us.  Come and learn His proven path to peace, F + H + L.

I’ve Got Questions:  Faith When You’re Confused
Steve Howell, Tonganoxie, KS
All you want is a clear answer. . . but God isn’t complying.  How do you move forward?  Habakkuk, an Old Testament prophet of God, has been in your shoes.  Look at his short but powerful message to gain insights on having faith when you don’t understand.

Strength in Mind, Body, and Spirit
 Brian Howells, PT, MS, Manhattan, KS
While our spirit and our faith usually grow stronger as we age, our body often becomes weaker. Come learn from a licensed physical therapist simple ways to grow and maintain your strength to increase your mobility, reduce pain and improve balance. It is possible to slow or reverse some of the effects of aging on your body.

Navigating Life with an Exceptionality
Angie Messer, Manhattan, KS
Your family or someone you know is affected by autism, the fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S.  Come and learn from a mom of a son on the autism spectrum and a veteran educator.  Angie will share struggles, successes, and strategies to navigate the school years and the transition to independent adult living.

Plan Now For Your Family
Philip Marley, Sturgeon, MO
One of the most important things you can do is arrange for the legal guardianship of your minor children.  A living trust is a free and easy tool used to plan ahead for all of the legacy decisions regarding your estate.  Whether you have children or not, your family will appreciate knowing your wishes and will thank you when they do not have to go through probate to negotiate your estate.

What do Avocados and Oranges have to do with Raising Teens?
Natalie Holdren, Manhattan, KS
The wild and crazy world of teens—there are emotional, physical, and mental happenings in their brains, and everything is connected to their spiritual growth.  If you work with teens, are raising teen and/or love a teen, join this 28-year youth ministry veteran as she shares information from the newest studies about the physiological growth happening in the brain development of teenagers.

10:15-11:30 a.m.                 Keynote Session

11:45-12:45 p.m.                 Choice of Seminar (7 topics—choose one)

Anchored by Prayer
Linda Mealiff, Beloit, KS
Learn how to remain unshaken in the storms of life through strategic, scripture-based, one accord prayer.  Moms in Prayer International empowers women worldwide to intercede with confidence for their children and grandchildren.

Are You Stressed or Blessed?
Nancy Kay Grace, Springdale, AR
The choice is yours.  When stress increases, we can worry and forget the blessings in our lives.  In this session, you will be encouraged to consider four biblical principles for stress management and learn several practical stress-busters to manage everyday pressures.

Faith in the Swarm: Hope for the Overwhelmed
Steve Howell, Tonganoxie, KS
When life piles on more than you can take, what do you do?  Joel, an Old Testament prophet of God, can relate!  Dig into his short but fascinating message to see how future hope can transform present chaos.

The Heart of Grandparenting
Ken Canfield, PhD, Kansas City, MO
Being a grandmother is both a gift and a calling.  This workshop will give you an overview of five key areas you can cultivate that will help you make the most of your influence on coming generations.

Help! There’s a  Storm Wrecking Havoc in my Family!
Robbin Cole, Manhattan, KS
It is estimated that 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in a given year and that 1 in 5 youth experience a severe mental disorder at some time during their life.  With mental illness being such a common, yet often misunderstood human experience, what is the church’s role in extending compassion and grace to those families who are going through mental illness or loving someone who suffers from it?

How Cooking Ahead and Hospitality Go Hand in Hand
Diana Follmer, Earlham, IA
Preparing meals ahead of time not only save time and money, but opens the door for ministry.  Come learn some tricks, techniques, and recipes that will help you know how to prepare 30 days worth of meals in one day and encourage the art of hospitality.

Your Financial Storm
Dave Mack, Manhattan, KS
Some form of financial distress is a certainty for almost all of us.  What are you doing to stress test your plan so your family can not only weather the storm, but flourish afterward?  Gain vital insights about what the key components should be for your financial survival kit.

12:45 p.m.                             Buffet Lines Open

1:00-3:00 p.m.                     Keynote Session

Hotel Options:  All conferees are responsible for making their lodging arrangements.  Blocks of rooms have been reserved at the hotels listed below.  To reserve a room:

• Call the hotel of your choice.
• Identify yourself as a participant of MCC Woman’s World
• Guarantee the room with a credit card as requested.
• Deadline for making a reservation is January 23, 2018.
• All rooms are quoted at a flat rate for up to four people in a room.
• Rooms will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis as they are cleaned and made available.

Bluemont Hotel, $119 + tax
1212 Bluemont Avenue, 785-473-7091
Hot Breakfast Bar, Indoor Pool

Comfort Suites, $95 + tax
1020 Hostetler Dr, 785-539-9449
Hot Breakfast Bar, Indoor Pool

Four Points by Sheraton, $89 + tax
530 Richards Rd, (785) 539-5311
Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Restaurant

Holiday Inn at the Campus, $109.95 + tax
1641 Anderson Ave, (785) 539-7531
Across the street from the Kansas State University Union
Hot Breakfast Bar, Indoor Jacuzzi, Restaurant

Holiday Inn Express, $90 + tax
115 Blue Earth Place, 785-320-7454
Hot Breakfast Bar

Parkwood Inn and Suites, $91 + tax
505 S. 17th Street, (785) 320-5440
Hot Breakfast Bar, Memory Foam Beds

Quality Inn and Suites, $80 + tax
150 E. Poyntz Avenue, (785) 770-8000
Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi, and Continental Breakfast

Scholarship Offering
A free will offering, collected during the Saturday luncheon session is an integral part of the Woman’s World tradition.  Since 1984, this offering has been awarded the following year as scholarships to deserving female students for their next academic year.  These awards can only be used at Manhattan Christian College for educational purposes.

Your contribution supports higher Christian education and directly impacts the future of the church as well as the future ministries of the leaders being trained at MCC.  Thank you for your consideration.

Current Students Click Here for Scholarship Application

Resources Available:  Audio tapes, CDs and DVDs of the three main sessions will be made available by Christian Audio Tapes of Bridgeport, IL.  The 20 seminar sessions will also be recorded and can be purchased on audio tape or CD.  Prices for these resources will range from $5 for MP3’s, to $6 for CDs, and $8 for DVDs.  With the purchase of 6 items at the conference, you receive the 7th and 8th items FREE.

What to Bring:  Comfortable clothes, Bible, note pad, open heart, spirit of fun and laughter, and a desire to worship and grow in Christ.

Special Services:  Interpreters for the deaf will be available upon request prior to the conference.

No provision has been made for child care at the conference.

Register Here

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