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Manhattan Christian College Student Government

Executive Council

Sarah Ward || Executive Council President
Senior // Youth and Pastoral Ministry // When Sarah was little, her dream was to be a WWE wrestler, and her wrestling name was going to be “The SAW.”

Kaleb Hansen || Executive Council Secretary
Junior // Youth Ministry // Kaleb has actually been to the top of the Eiffel Tower!

Dakota Shurts || Executive Council Treasuer
Senior // Youth Ministry // In his free time, Dak likes to work with cars!


Class Committees

These four committees seek to serve and unite their classes. Events, hangouts, times of worship, day trips, community building all help to form the community that is so important at MCC.

Senior Class2020-21 Senior Class Committee Group Photo

Zach Ridgway || Senior Class President
Senior // Worship and Pastoral Ministry // Zach has had the opportunity to lead worship in three different countries!

Grace Kuenzi || Senior Class Vice President
Senior // Counseling and Worship Ministry // Grace’s favorite animal is a quokka.

Davinna Farney || Senior Class Secretary
Senior // Intercultural and Youth Ministry // Davinna has a *minor* houseplant addiction that includes over 30 different plants…

Garrett Keele || Senior Class Treasurer
Senior // Counseling // Garrett likes to play with his pet rock, Kevin, in his spare time.


Junior Class2020-21 Junior Class Committee Group Photo

Johnnie Talarico || Junior Class President
Junior // Children’s Ministry // Johnnie plays soccer!

Asher Walker || Junior Class Vice President
Junior // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree with Kansas State // Asher enjoys playing soccer, hiking, exploring, and he *might* have a slight Chick Fil A problem.

Savannah Farney || Junior Class Secretary
Junior // Counseling // Savannah’s favorite book is “All Around the Town.”

Jacob Modra || Junior Class Treasurer
Junior // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree in Education at Kansas State // Jacob owns over 200 vinyl records.


Sophomore Class

Miles Kuestersteffen || Sophomore Class President
Sophomore // Intercultural and Youth Ministry // Miles is a 2w3 on the Enneagram, and he loves music, adventuring and deep conversations.

Aspen Herrera || Sophomore Class Vice President
Sophomore // Family Studies // Aspen enjoys getting coffee with her friends.

Kaitlyn Damrill || Sophomore Class Secretary
Sophomore // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Kansas State // Kaitlyn enjoys hammocking and doing homework!


Freshman Class2020-21 Freshman Class Committee Group Photo

John Robert Harris || Freshman Class President
Freshman // Bible and Leadership // JR loves to play the bass guitar and sports, and his favorite TV cartoon character is Appa the Flying Bison!

Emily Rich || Freshman Class Vice President
Freshman // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree in Secondary Education at Kansas State // Emily can play four instruments, and loves to go on adventures!

Tegan Schmidt || Freshman Class Secretary
Freshman // General Studies // Tegan loves to wear her Chacos and eat Cheez-its, and just be outdoors!

Anna Dexter || Freshman Class Representative
Freshman // Youth Ministry // Anna consumes at least one pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream each week.


Campus Programming Council

Campus Programming Council is the life of the party. They are responsible for planning social activities and events that happen on the Manhattan Christian College Campus. This includes favorites such as Barn Party, Winter and Spring Banquet, and Skip-Day.2020-21 CPC Committee Group Photo

Phillip Archuleta || Chairman
Senior // Counseling, Family, and Pastoral Ministry // Phillip owns two hedgehogs, and enjoys playing the ukulele for them.

Katherine Petersma
Junior // Family and Worship Ministry // Katherine’s favorite coffee is a Cuban Latte from Bluestem.

Grace Holcomb
Sophomore // Bible and Leadership // Grace is on the volleyball team at MCC, and enjoys being outdoors, enjoying a cup of coffee, or spending time with her fiancé, Asher Walker.

Derek Rowley
Sophomore // Youth Ministry // All of his Spotify playlists are named after Shrek quotes!


The Communications Committee works behind the scenes to effectively use social media outlets to serve other Student Government committees by advertising events and showcasing the student life at MCC. Communications achieve this goal by capturing pictures and videos of events around campus and then posting them to social media so that people can see what life is like at MCC.2020-21 Communications Committee Group Photo

Elly Johnson || Chairman
Junior // Social Justice, Bible and Theology, Spiritual Formation // Elly can neigh like a horse, and has done so at various sporting events!

Conor O’Boyle
Senior // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree in Organizational Management at Kansas State // Not only does Conor collect sneakers, but he also runs and vlogs on his own YouTube channel!

Noah Hoskins
Senior // Pastoral Ministry // Noah sometimes brings his dog, Maddie, to classes at MCC!

Student Needs

StuNeeds exists to serve the student body as need arrives. This committee seeks ways not only to reactively serve the Manhattan Christian College Student Body in sudden and emergency situations, but also to proactively serve students on a day-to-day basis.2020-21 Student Needs Committee Group Photo

Grace Marozas || Chairman
Junior // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree in Pre-Nursing at Kansas State // Grace loves to crochet stuffed animals!! #grannygrace

Anna Vanstory
Junior // Social Justice and Family Studies // Anna loves dogs, plants, sitting in Bluestem drinking a Bee-Stro latte, taking pictures, music and people!

Hannah Grace
Junior // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree in Criminology at Kansas State // Hannah absolutely loves fun facts about things, her brain is full of random fun facts!!

Emma Wendt
Freshman // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree in Graphic Design at Kansas State // Emma loves anything art and crafty related!

Student Spiritual Life Committee

SSLC strives to devise ways to challenge the student body in their Christian faith and encourages them to grow in their relationship with Christ. This is done through prayer meetings, prayer walks, special worship services, and other events, which are planned in order to encourage the student body and push students and staff to look more like Jesus.

Brody Lumpkins || Chairman
Senior // Pastoral and Intercultural Ministry // Brody loves movies, and will often go to the movie theater at least twice a week. His favorite movie is debated, but right now he says “Better off Dead.”

Katrina Pretzer
Senior // Worship Ministry // Katrina got married on September 5th, 2020!!

Brandon Pitt
Junior // Pastoral Ministry // Brandon loves biking, fishing, running, and really anything to do outside!

Katharina Ohler
Freshman // Bible and Leadership // Katharina is a dual citizen in the United States and Germany!


Trads is responsible for instilling tradition, encouraging pride in the institution, and recognizing God in the past, present, and future of Manhattan Christian College. Traditions helps make the MCC Athletic experience the best in the conference. #RollThunder2020-21 Traditions Committee Group Photo

Darby Cook || Chairman
Junior // Bible and Leadership & Dual Degree in Life Sciences Pre-Med at Kansas State // Some of Darby’s favorite things include playing basketball, playing the piano, and eating food with her friends!

Jordan White
Sophomore // Bible and Leadership // Jordan is a professional Varsity Donuts donut eater!

Brenna Flax
Sophomore // Bible and Leadership // Brenna owns and rides a motorcycle, and in 2nd grade her reading level was that of a 12th grader!

Nathan McNellis
Sophomore // Bible and Leadership // “3FN iykyk.”