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Manhattan Christian College Student Government

Executive CouncilStuGov Exec Council 2019-20 Group Picture

Dionne Timken || Executive Council President
Senior // Pastoral and Counseling // Dionne is a 7 on the Enneagram.

Faith Barr || Executive Council Vice President
Junior // Social Justice and Counseling // Faith is a 2 on the Enneagram.

Nicole Santillo || Executive Council Secretary
Senior // Youth Ministry and Counseling // Nicole is obsessed with corgis.

Erik Wold || Executive Council Treasuer
Sophomore // Worship Ministry // Erik loves playing his guitar and board games.


Class Committees

These four committees seek to serve and unite their classes. Events, hangouts, times of worship, day trips, community building all help to form the community that is so important at MCC.

Senior Class2019-20 Senior Class Committee Group Photo

Brendan Tenner || Senior Class President
Senior // Bible & Leadership (MCC) & Financial Management (KSU) // Brendan is the President of BYX at KSU!

Shelby Jennings || Senior Class Vice President
Senior // Family & Children’s Ministry // Shelby is an 8 on the Enneagram.

Gabe Awbrey || Senior Class Secretary
Senior // Youth Ministry and Intercultural Studies // Gabe loves MCC more than Zach Price loves MCC.

Nikki Williamson || Senior Class Treasurer
Senior // Bible & Leadership (MCC) & Secondary Education (KSU) // Nikki can quote movie lines after seeing it for the first time.


Junior Class2019-20 Junior Class Committee Group Photo

Sarah Ward || Junior Class President
Junior // Pastoral and Youth Ministry // Sarah is really good at breaking things. Mugs, her foot, hearts, etc.

Grace Kuenzi || Junior Class Vice President
Junior // Worship Ministry // Grace’s favorite song is La Vie in Rose.

Garrett Keele || Junior Class Secretary
Junior // Counseling // Garrett likes long walks on the beach.

Chris Blankenship || Junior Class Treasurer
Junior // Counseling // Chris is a movie fanatic.


Sophomore Class2019-20 Soph Class Committee Group Photo

Garrett Renner || Sophomore Class President
Sophomore // Intercultural & Pastoral Studies // Garrett loves the outdoors.

Kaleb Hansen || Sophomore Class Vice President
Sophomore // Bible Leadership // Kaleb holds a Black Belt!

Asher Walker || Sophomore Class Secretary
Sophomore // Bible & Leadership (MCC) & Psychology (KSU) // Asher likes to play soccer.

Abe Walker || Sophomore Class Treasurer
Sophomore // Youth Ministry and Intercultural Studies


Freshman Class2019-20 Freshmen Class Committee Group Photo

Brandon Pitt || Freshman Class President
Freshman // Pastoral Studies // Brandon likes to be outside, hanging out with other people.

Brenna Flax || Freshman Class Vice President
Freshman // Bible & Leadership (MCC) & Microbiology (KSU) // Brenna likes to play volleyball.

Carson Graham || Freshman Class Secretary
Freshman // Counseling // Carson was at reading level 3 in second grade….

Emma Henry || Freshman Class Representative
Freshman // Theology // Emma enjoys to read, and her favorite books are The Princess Bride and Eragon.


Campus Programming Council

Campus Programming Council is the life of the party. They are responsible for planning social activities and events that happen on the Manhattan Christian College Campus. This includes favorites such as Barn Party, Winter and Spring Banquet, and Skip-Day.2019-20 Campus Programming Council Group Photo

Cassie Miller || Chairman
Senior // Family Ministry and Counseling // Cassie’s love language is Diet Coke.

Katherine Petersma
Sophomore // Family and Worship Ministry // Katherine’s favorite coffee is a Cuban Latte from Bluestem.

Phillip Archuleta
Junior // Counseling and Family Studies // Phillips knows American Sign Language.

Thomas Brotton
Sophomore // Pastoral // Thomas likes skateboarding.


2019-20 Communications Committee Group Photo

Elly Johnson || Chairman
Sophomore // Social Justice // Elly is a 1 on the Enneagram.

Katherine Maurath
Senior // Graphic Design (KSU)

Montie Klecker
Senior // Youth Ministry // Montie is second to only Ron Ratliff in C.S. Lewis trivia.

Noah Hoskins
Junior // Pastoral and Intercultural Studies // Noah used to raise alpacas.

Student Needs

StuNeeds exists to serve the student body as need arrives. This committee seeks ways not only to reactively serve the Manhattan Christian College Student Body in sudden and emergency situations, but also to proactively serve students on a day-to-day basis.2019-20 Student Needs Committe Group Photo

Grace Marozas || Chairman
Sophomore // Bible & Leadership (MCC) & Pre-Nursing (KSU) // Grace enjoys crocheting. #grannygrace

Jordon Davis
Sophomore // Social Justice // Jordon loves going to coffee shops and eating Freddy’s or Cane’s.

Anna Vanstory
Sophomore // Bible & Leadership (MCC) & Microbiology (KSU) // Anna is in the K-State marching band.

Corban Romm
Sophomore // Intercultural Studies // Corban loves to read and discuss theology.

Student Spiritual Life Committee

SSLC strives to devise ways to challenge the student body in their Christian faith and encourages them to grow in their relationship with Christ. This is done through prayer meetings, prayer walks, special worship services, and other events, which are planned in order to encourage the student body and push students and staff to look more like Jesus.2019-20 Student Spiritual Life Committee Group Photo

Karly Gibbs || Chairman
Senior // Intercultural Studies // Karly reads every book halfway through- gets excited- tells the world about it- and never finishes it.

Emma Bathurst
Sophomore // Bible & Leadership (MCC) & Agriculture Education (KSU) // Emma loves music, sports and coffee.

Brody Lumpkins
Sophomore // Pastoral Ministry // Brody enjoys drawing.

Olivia Millar
Junior // Social Justice and Intercultural Studies // Olivia is a dog mom to her rescue, Miles.


Trads is responsible for instilling tradition, encouraging pride in the institution, and recognizing God in the past, present, and future of Manhattan Christian College. Traditions helps make the MCC Athletic experience the best in the conference. #RollThunder2019-20 Traditions Committee Group Photo

Mo Manes || Chairman
Junior // Pastoral and Youth Ministry // Mo likes coffee, puppies and cheering on MCC sports.

Dakota Shurts
Junior // Youth Ministry // Dakota has a 1,160 day Snapchat streak.

Darby Cook
Sophomore // Bible & Leadership (MCC) & Life Science (KSU) // Darby loves to play the piano.

Johnnie Talarico
Sophomore // Childen’s Ministry // Johnnie likes to play sports.