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Purpose of Position / Core Role:

The primary purpose of the Student Minister is to develop and implement student ministry for
students in 6th-12th grade. This ministry will introduce students to Jesus; disciple them in
spiritual growth; and train them to serve Jesus with their life and to assist and empower
parents/guardians in raising their teenagers toward spiritual maturity.

Required Skills

○ A Love for God and a Love for Middle School and High School students
○ A Growing knowledge of the Word of God
○ A self-motivated leader, capable of developing & casting the vision for student ministry
○ Have a willingness to take calculated risks in order to reach & disciple more students
○ Ability to engage students relationally in discipleship
○ Ability to engage students with relevant and applicable Biblical teaching
○ A desire and ability to reach unchurched teens with the Gospel of Jesus
○ Ability to identify, recruit and train both adult and student leaders
○ Ability to engage parents & involve them in discipling their students
○ Knowledge of youth culture and the physical and cognitive development of preteens & teens
○ Willingness & desire to partner with other youth ministries for larger kingdom impact
○ Basic understanding of Social Media and ability to use it to appropriately engage students
○ Basic technical abilities – internet, spreadsheet, budgeting, and word processing software.

Roles & Responsibilities

○ Provide a clear written vision for student ministry that harmonizes with the overall vision,
mission, & values of McCook Christian Church.
○ Establish quarterly & annual goals and vision for the specific ministry area that will provide
metrics for growth and improvement within the specific ministry area
○ Continually build a team of adult volunteers who will build relationships with students and
serve as the “frontline” of ministry. Work under an Ephesians 4 model leading out by: recruiting,
training, and retaining.
○ Create an excellent environment for student ministries
○ Provide a clear and relevant process for the discipleship of young believers
○ Recruit, train, develop and provide for discipleship of student leaders
○ Develop strong small groups that foster community, authenticity, and spiritual growth.
○ Lead Student Ministry Team
○ Cultivate and foster an outward focused ministry.
○ Provide a clear and relevant plan for reaching unchurched students
○ Maintain effective leadership for each program of the ministry. Provide the support,
assistance, and resources necessary for each program and empower your adult volunteers to
be involved in the day to day work of the ministry
○ Oversight & management of annual student ministries budget

■ Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for discipleship and spiritual development of each
age and phase throughout student ministry
○ Lead dynamic weekly programs that reach unchurched students and draw students
into committed discipleship, teaching them the Scriptures and the way of Jesus.
○ Develop or utilize a pre existing SCOPE – a comprehensive plan for what students will
learn in 7 years of student ministry
○ Develop or utilize a pre existing CYCLE – a plan to reinforce and recycle important
teaching at strategic times
○ Develop & publish curriculum plans for weekly student gatherings & Sunday student
growth groups. 1st Semester by July 1st, 2nd Semester by December 1st
○ Create and publish plan to involve parents in partnering with student discipleship to
include multiple annual parent events
○ Develop a plan to provide regular outreach events to engage unchurched students
○ Develop a plan to utilize camps, conferences, and mission opportunities in the
discipleship process
○ Work with children’s ministry staff to develop a strategy and process to help transition
students from one age phase into the next (i.e – children’s church into Junior High, Junior
High into Senior High, Senior High into small group ministry)
○ Be involved in the students lives by regularly attending their extra-curricular activities including
but not limited to sporting events, choir and band concerts, drama productions, etc.
○ Provide counseling and spiritual direction to youth on an individual basis. Build a referral
network for both students and parents.
○ Pre-schedule all activities in their entirety, including post-activity plans. Publish all scheduled
programming and activities to staff, parents, and students in a timely fashion.
○ Regularly communicate times, dates, and plans to students in written and digital formats
○ Maintain appropriate student ministry social media presence
General Responsibilities:
○ Regular meeting with lead minister
○ Attend Weekly staff meetings for prayer, communication, and planning.
○ Study and invest in personal development (spiritually and professionally)
○ Participate in at least 1 continuing education experience annually for growth within the specific
ministry area.
○ Participate in quarterly full day staff development events, and up to two extended staff retreats
per year
○ Assure proper care of facilities used by student programs.

Non Work Ministry Expectations​:
● Maintain an authentic and growing walk with Jesus Christ
● Spend appropriate time with and care for family, providing for a healthy family, a healthy
foundation for ministry, and a healthy example for the church
● Spend weekly time doing something you enjoy to multiply joy and guard against burnout
● Develop relationships with unchurched people within the community in order to fulfill the
great commission and the mission of McCook Christian Church
● Participate in a Growth Group
● Develop a relationship with a non-staff mentor to facilitate growth within personal and
spiritual life.
● Pray regularly for the flock and for MCC team members
Anticipated Outcomes

We would like to see students who don’t go to church coming to church, students who are not
Christians becoming Christians, and students who are Christians growing in Christlikeness, a
knowledge of the Scriptures, involvement in the church, and outreach to their peers and

Kyle Dellevoet
Physical Address:
507 West B Street
McCook, NE  69001
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