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Job Description

The church is in a town of about one thousand people in a rural community. Pre-pandemic attendance was about one hundred but is currently around 50. We strongly desire to reach more young families and the youth in our community. The school system in Ramsey is the focus of most activities. School functions, sports and otherwise, are very well attended. We would like to find a minister who would be involved in community activities and who has a winsome personality to which the youth would be drawn. Having a young family would be a plus but not necessary. Developing a strong youth program should be a major focus. Evangelizing the younger members of our community while advocating for the senior citizens already in the church would require an amazing amount of energy.

What we are looking for is a minister who would accept the challenge of starting basically a new church built upon the foundation of dedicated established members. As for preaching, we are looking for biblically strong sermons that speak to the issues of today as we attempt to follow Jesus in our daily lives. We want to love our neighbors into being Jesus followers, and we need your help.

We are actively pursuing our stated mission: “…to do the work of the church by reaching the lost and building all Christians up in Christ to become who He created them to be.” We want to intentionally seek young families and we place a high value on children and youth.

Our Five-year vision will be a strong youth and community program supported by the next generation of Ramsey Christian Church blended with the current congregation.

Physical Address

Ramsey Christian Church

206 S. Jefferson

Ramsey, IL  62080


Please mail applications to Ramsey Christian Church, 62080, Ramsey, Illinois or email to  Or to apply online click Application Form Sending a video of your preaching would be very helpful as well.  It may be sent to


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