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Worship and Creative Arts Minister

Job Description

The Worship Minister works under the Sr. Minister to provide pastoral leadership to the music and creative arts ministries of the church, shepherding the congregation to glorify God through all aspects of worship.

Areas of Responsibility

Responsibility #1

  • Oversee the planning, leadership, and execution of all worship services at Capitol City.
  • Plan the corporate worship services of the church in collaboration with the Minister, doing so with prayer, theological sensitivity, and musical skill.
  • Shepherd the congregation toward wholehearted engagement in worship services, especially in corporate singing.
  • Articulate the long-term vision for Capitol City’s worship ministry to the worship ministry team and volunteers.

Responsibility #2

  • Recruit, train, and care for all worship and creative arts ministry volunteers.
  • Provide personal coaching, encouragement, and team development opportunities for all worship and creative arts ministry volunteers.
  • Recruit, assess, and engage new worship and creative arts ministry volunteers as they become necessary and available.
  • Foster and lead in a disciple-making culture within the worship and creative arts ministry team(s), aligning with the disciple-making culture and strategy of the church-at-large.

Responsibility #3

  • Provide guidance and direction in worship environments and services in other ministry areas (i.e., kids and student ministries).
  • Ensure that the aim, values, and direction of all worship environments align with the aim, values, and direction of the church’s worship and creative arts
  • Utilize worship environments in other ministry areas to develop volunteers and leaders for the long-term health and viability of the worship and creative arts ministries, and the church as a whole.

Responsibility #4

  • Cultivate a vision for strategic communication, both within the body of Capitol City and within the broader community.
  • Work with the staff to think through what we need to be communicating about, including developing a 3-month schedule for written and digital communication.
  • Develop ways to market the distinct values, DNA, and mission of Capitol City to the surrounding community.
  • Explore new communication platforms that would allow us to communicate more effectively within our church body and the broader community, and engage these new platforms as deemed helpful.

Responsibility #5

  • Execute plans for strategic communication within the body of Capitol City and within the broader community.
  • Discern what tools are best for different communication items and employ these tools to execute effective communication.
  • Develop, create, and execute regular communication within worship gatherings and through the website, social media, weekly email, bulletin, Atrium media, and other new tools deemed helpful.

Key Deliverables

  • Welcoming, engaging, Christ-honoring worship services for all ages.
  • A thriving, growing team of volunteers serving the church through worship and creative arts.
  • A culture of discipleship and development within the worship and creative
    arts ministries.

Key Interactions

  • Reports to the Sr. Minister.
  • Works with the ministry staff to shepherd, teach, and disciple the church at large.
  • Leads the worship and creative arts volunteer teams toward ministry goals and objectives that align with the church’s mission and vision.
  • Leads the congregation in corporate worship when possible.

Skills and Attributes

  • High level of musical proficiency.
  • Compelling up-front communication and leadership skills.
  • Exhibit strategic planning and organizational skills.
  • Foundational knowledge of Christian theology.
  • Ability to work efficiently and effectively in team situations.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and compassionately.
  • Be a team player, focused on collaboration.
  • Understanding of and alignment with the church’s mission and discipleship

Physical Address

Capitol City Christian Church

7800 Holdredge St

Lincoln, NE  68505


For further information or to apply (send resume and references) to John Muffler at


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