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Youth Pastor

Job Description/Details

Reports to Senior Pastor

Position Status Full-time, minimum 40 hours/week, 45 hours/week target

Position Purpose: To give direction (overall leadership) to the student ministries (middle school and high school students)

Evaluation Annual evaluation by the senior pastor who will report the evaluation to the Personnel Committee.

Compensation: Church employees are paid semi-monthly.

Agreement The employee must be in agreement with the Constitution and By-laws of Hastings Evangelical Free Church as well as the EFCA doctrinal statement.


  • Will be expected to keep regular office hours that generally coincide with the church office hours, be faithful to his job description, and be flexible and willing to work as the job requires.
  • Will be granted regular annual vacation, sick days as needed, time to attend conferences, and the option to take classes related to his job with Senior Pastor approval.
  • Will be expected to attend regularly scheduled staff meetings for the purpose of prayer, coordination, and communication of the overall ministry.

Personal Traits Required

  • A growing relationship with Christ, personal maturity, and godliness in all things.
  • A shepherd’s heart and a teachable spirit.
  • A good listener and encourager; a team player.
  • A non-judgmental and non-critical spirit that results in approachability by both adults and youth.
  • A man of prayer and conviction.

Skills Required

  • Loves and relates to teens; demonstrated maturity in dealing with wide differences among youth.
  • Exceptional teaching skills.
  • A visionary.
  • Possess the ability and desire to equip and manage others so they are empowered to minister in the student and outreach ministries of the church.
  • Experiential knowledge of benchmarks of great youth programs and the ability to implement effective strategies.
  • Ability to delegate especially in the area of human resources.
  • Has demonstrated ability to lead, teach, direct and organize a multi-dimensional program.
  • Ability to create healthy relationships between the church and other entities such as school, camp, recreation programs, and government services.
  • Works well with volunteers; possesses exceptional administrative skills.

Duties Not Limited to the Following

  • Give overall direction to the student ministries (senior and junior high) of the church.
  • Be the primary teacher for the regular programs of Sunday School and Wednesday night youth program. Adequate prep time must be utilized.
  • Spiritually shepherd and administrate the entire youth program including recruitment and deployment of volunteers, planning of activities relevant to youth and the mission of the church, and the identification and training of student leaders.
  • Integrate youth ministry into the children and adult programming to provide a holistic, family-friendly approach to disciple-making in families.
    • The desired result would be a family-life plan where we intentionally guide our dads and moms in a process where family and church are working in conjunction for the spiritual development of one another.
  • Develop an adult leadership team to share in the ministry of reaching and discipling students for Christ.
  • Preach occasionally in the absence of the senior pastor.
  • Attend all elder meetings (as a non-voting member).
  • Provide occasional pastoral duties related to visitation, funerals, weddings, communion, etc.

Physical Address

Hastings Evangelical Free Church

2015 N. St. Joseph Ave.

Hastings, NE  68901


If you would like to join a staff of 10 people who love the Lord and love each other and truly enjoy working together, send us your resume along with any questions to Hastings, Nebraska is a great place to work and raise a family, and our church is a wonderful place to use your gifts for the kingdom. Our slogan is “Treasuring Jesus First” and we take that seriously. Visit our YouTube page Church YouTube  Thank you for taking a look!


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