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First Baptist Church of Manhattan: Youth Leader


2121 Blue Hills Road
66502 Manhattan , KS

Youth Leader - Job Description/Contract
First Baptist Church - Manhattan, KS

To provide a quality youth program to the Jr. High and Sr. High youth of First Baptist Church and our community.  This stable program should be worshipful, fun, relevant, and effective in instructing, training, nurturing, and launching youth into Christian service.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop, Coordinate, Promote, and Lead a balanced program of activities and discipleship ministry for youth.
  • Establish positive and trusting relationships with each youth and their family.
  • Show and demonstrate an interest in each youth’s schooling and extra-curricular activities.
  • Develop an outreach plan to reach the inactive/unchurched youth of FBC and the community.
  • Encourage and involve youth in ministry and mission projects (at least two local and one other project per year).
  • Prepare and teach a weekly Sunday School lesson for Jr./Sr. High youth during the Sunday School hour.
  • Be available to parents to discuss issues related to their child and ministry.
  • Develop a system of communication(s) for getting pertinent information out to youth, parents, congregation, and community (e-mail, Facebook, webpage, direct-mail, etc).
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers, as needed, for activities, supervision, etc.
  • Submit, for review and approval, an annual budget for youth ministry to the Ministry of Spiritual Growth.  (This mini-budget falls under MOSG – final approval dependent on their budget approval from the congregation.)
  • Abide by FBC’s Child Protection Policy and keep training current.
  • Attend the beginning of Spiritual Growth meetings (monthly) – prepared to do the following:
  • Report briefly on youth group activities
  • Report briefly on attendance/participation levels
  • Seek guidance/direction/permission as needed.
  • Communicate needs.

The work of the Youth Leader will be supervised by the Ministry of Spiritual Growth and the Pastor.  Approval for programs, trips, activities, etc will be funneled through the MOSG and then the Council of Ministry when necessary.  An annual review will be conducted by the MOSG.

Time Commitment:
In addition to contact time with youth during regular meetings/activities and Sunday School hours, the youth leader is expected to spend time preparing, communicating, reaching out, and attending activities that youth are involved in (plays, concerts, sports, graduations, etc)